Earth Day 2017


Since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, millions of people continue to bring awareness and solutions to local and global environmental concerns. This year there is a March for Science and teach ins regarding current issues facing our environment.

Radio stations across the nation are playing a role, gathering communities for common causes and helping spread the word. It’s fascinating to see the variety of topics that are covered: trail creation and maintenance, clean water, community clean ups and restoration projects, gardening and invasive plant education, alternative energy and endangered species awareness.

Here’s just a few events (there are literally thousands and it seems almost every city has some opportunity to volunteer).

How do you plan to participate in Earth Day? Does your community have an event? Enter you answer in the comments below and be entered to win the CC Solar Observer AM, FM, Weather Wind Up and Solar Powered Radio. Drawing will be held April 25th. Please only one entry per person.

5 Responses to “Earth Day 2017”

  1. ridingonfumes Says:

    Usually the keepers of the Kern schedules of big clean-up on the River or the lake on the weekend closest to Earth Day. But this year it’s also the bioregions festival which is being held at the Bob Powers Preserve for the first time so it looks like everybody’s going to be attending that

  2. bruce Atchison - author Says:

    I’m tired of environmental propaganda. While I believe we need to keep our part of the planet clean, I get upset at how environmentalists usurp our property rights with legislation. After all, the environment is for us but we aren’t slaves to the environment.

  3. Dave Westerhold Says:

    I’ve had a Solar Observer now for several years. I love it. I can get near and far NOAA weather channels, as well as AM and FM , though the FM is starting to not tune properly. I may get another at this price, it’s a great buy. Earth Day? Well, I remember observing the first Earth Day in 1970 in college. I am a respecter of the environment and the Earth, however, I have come to realize that things like this are mostly propaganda used by the globalists to control the populace. Global warming? Well, there are changes happening, but they are not man-caused. The weather and temps are affected by the changes in the sun and the solar system, as well as volcanic activity. One thing that IS man-caused was Fukushima, and that is a catastrophic disaster that is not being talked about. The oceans and sea life have been decimated. There is no fix for it. Now, that is how man has screwed this planet. Not to mention the Geo-engineering being done by the government against our wishes. But — I love my Solar Observer. Thanks.

  4. markotwo Says:

    yes our local park has a clean-up and tree planting day and I plan to participate

  5. lwc Says:

    My neighbors are recruiting volunteers for the day before to clean-up a neighborhood public park that the children frequent.

    We’re considering going with them.

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