Why is Television so Hard to Hear?

This question came up during a recent tour at C. Crane with the Fortuna Senior Center. “My brand new television has terrible audio and I have to turn the volume way up and then next thing I know it’s blasting out my eardrums – do you have a fix for this?” There was a Wall Street Journal article on exactly this issue and we were able to share some ideas on possible solutions and some basic info on why this happens. While we’re usually known for radio, we do know a bit about audio as well.

Often it’s assumed that the sound issues are all related to hearing loss, but it turns out while that may be part of the problem, it’s not the whole story. With TVs getting thinner and thinner, speaker size, positioning and sound are often an after thought if even considered at all. This could be a big reason why personal sound systems are making a come back. We offer the AEGO Soundbar system to help combat poor audio. Not ready to make that kind of an investment? Here are a couple things you can try:

  1. Locate the speakers on your TV – depending on where they are (often pointing down on the bottom of the television), move your TV. Setting your TV on a wooden surface could do the trick because the sound needs something to bounce off of. Try out different combinations since even a table runner could muffle the sound by absorbing it.
  2. Play with the settings on your TV’s sound. Depending on the issue you are experiencing – illegible voice, too loud, too soft, etc. – you may be able to find a better audio setting on your television.

If none of those things, work you might want to consider our FM Transmitter that can bring the audio from your TV to your radio. Our CCRadio 2E has amazing sound quality and then the audio is right next to you. This is a pretty inexpensive way to improve the sound. Or if you don’t mind wearing earphones, there are many wireless and Bluetooth® options that might work with your new television.

Have you found this to be an issue for you? Share your solutions in the comments below!


3 Responses to “Why is Television so Hard to Hear?”

  1. halfonts Says:

    Several years back I noticed this at friends. (I haven’t had TV in 27-years). Their TV’s were in nice wood media-centers – with the tiny internal speakers deep inside the TV-compartment. Of course, the sound is muffled and intelligible. It could hardly be worse. Either raise the TV on a couple of books or bricks, and reflect the sound out into the room. Or better yet hook up some decent speakers. Duhhhh.

  2. Julie Horner Says:

    We have two uses — at the office we have a non-commercial music receiver but just one — with this wireless transmitter we can have commercial free music throughout the office. At home, it’s great to use in the back yard for TV audio when we don’t want to sit there and watch the tube but would like to hear the audio. A most excellent product!

  3. Joey Says:

    I’ve had the fm transmitter for years. I love having it hooked up to my tv. Now the sound doesn’t have to cross the room to get to me. I have a receiver next to my chair, plus I can put on headphones when I want or need to. If the transmitter broke today, I’d order another one immediately!

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