Work Around Hearing Loss


Since hearing loss is the third most common condition in people over 65 years of age, it is likely that you or someone you know suffers from it.  The Digital FM Transmitter-2 by C. Crane has brought relief to many individuals with this affliction under a number of circumstances.

We have heard from customers that their church purchased our Digital FM Transmitter-2 so members of the congregation with a hearing loss wouldn’t miss the sermon.  The worshipers tune a pocket radio to match the open FM frequency on the transmitter and listen through headphones or earbuds at a volume that meets their needs.  Making the sermon accessible to everyone keeps those with a hearing loss engaged, while helping to retain attendance.

A customer shared with us that the television in the exercise center at the senior citizen facility where his mother resides was becoming a source of conflict.  Some residents needed very loud audio while others found high volumes and resulting speaker distortion disruptive to their workout.  The Digital FM Transmitter-2 with a pocket radio was the perfect solution in creating a harmonious environment.

Numerous customers have reported that the audio from their television was no longer adequate after they experienced hearing loss.  Straining to hear their favorite programs created listening fatigue, and background noise from the household or outside made the problem even worse.  Using the Digital FM Transmitter-2 to send the signal to a tabletop radio close by restored their ability to enjoy television again. A pocket radio with headphones would work well too.

At $49.99 plus shipping, the C. Crane Digital FM Transmitter-2 is a low cost solution that enables individuals with a hearing loss to avoid isolation and stay connected to their world.

What is your favorite way to use the FM Transmitter?

Most unique entry will win a brand new FM Transmitter 2. Winner will be chosen by April 6th, 2016. One entry person.

10 Responses to “Work Around Hearing Loss”

  1. Gerald Bates Says:

    I can use any radio that I already have with the transmitter, right?

    • C. Crane Says:

      Yes, as long as there is a headphone jack or line out if you want to transmit from it or it has FM radio if you want to transmit to it.

      • Gerald Bates Says:

        To be clear, any FM radio that I have with a headphone jack will work with the Transmitter??

      • C. Crane Says:

        So, yes if you plug the transmitter into that radio you can transmit that audio to any other FM Radio in your home.

      • Gerald Bates Says:

        Ok it takes two radios to do the job. Not connected to the tv. That wasn’t clear til now. I have several radios as you might know. Thanks.

      • C. Crane Says:

        We never want to assume, but yes, that’s correct.

      • Gerald Bates Says:

        Well the picture you are showing me shows the transmitter hooked to the tv. Is that an option?

      • C. Crane Says:

        Yes, absolutely. As long as there is a headphone jack it will work. If you have a newer television, sometimes they don’t so check to make sure. You can definitely call us and we can answer any questions you have 🙂

  2. C Wall Says:


  3. Mark W Says:

    I do live sound and it always drove me nuts that you could get these special hearing devices because it seems like a convoluted way of doing it. i mean its got its own special frequency, it’s got some special devices you have to return at the end of the day and not forget. I always thought that it would be easier to just have a small FM transmitter and whoever wanted to could bring their own workable radio with them and then maybe have some spares on the side. and one day I was at a church that decided to install an entirely new sound system because people couldn’t hear (but I doubt that was the problem). and they happen to have installed one of these things and I got to poke around with it. “all it is is a big fancy FM transmitter with its own frequency range” and they probably got to pay a nice hefty price tag for it and all of its nonstandards.

    I had lots of car cassette adapter’s and when I went on a trip I ended up in a van with 8 other people and no cassette player or CD player in the vehicle, at this point I thought it might be good to add an FM transmitter to my arsenal. so I originally got the original transmitter V1 as a gift after doing research and suggesting it. unfortunately I haven’t used it is much as I would like to of, as the range seems to be a bit week and the leaking battery incident certainly didn’t help ( I can’t stand Duracell batteries).
    however things I have done is listen to music, TV and digital content while working in my room. I have also tried to use it as a in-ear monitoring system on multiple occasions for both me and some talent and people in other rooms but ran into range and interference issues. and back when I worked at a farm market there was a few times me and a couple of employees got quite sick of the radio station that was on and substituted our own music when customers weren’t in “on a different channel?”.

    it’s too bad I’m behind a few weeks on the blog entries, i didn’t even know version 2 came out let alone the contest.

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