Tips for Improving Your WiFi Reception


Relocate your  wireless router to the middle of your house. This is the most effective way to maximize your home WiFi coverage. If you have DSL or cable internet then it is likely that you have several other cable or telephone jacks in your house. Any one of these jacks can be used to connect your modem/router. It is not necessary to move your computer; just add a WiFi adapter to it for wireless communication.





Position the antennas on your router vertically. Although they can be positioned at various angles, your best results for covering larger areas will be vertical positioning. The reason for this is because the signal pattern is not a bubble but is flat like a pancake.  If the antenna is placed at a 45 degree angle then most of the beam pattern will be pointed at the ground and roof.



Elevate your WiFi router off the floor or a metal surface. For best reception, place the router on a wood table or desk. For even better reception, place two or three of those old encyclopedias under your router. WiFi can usually pass through soft materials like books and wood without too much trouble.


WIFI 4Reposition dense obstructions in your home so that your routers WiFi signal path can reach your WiFi device. Some common household obstructions include mirrors, metal filing cabinets, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and furniture. Basically anything metal, brick, stucco, porcelain, tile, or hardwood will hinder or stop WiFi. Foil covered insulation will also stop WiFi.



Move or shield interfering devices that use the same frequency as WiFi. Most people don’t realize that they are experiencing interference on their WiFi network because it is still operational. Interference can reduce the speed or momentarily pause WiFi network communications. Some common causes of interference are microwave ovens, baby monitors, laptop-pic2_001cord less handsets, Bluetooth devices, garage door openers, fluorescent lights, and bad electrical connections.

One possible solution is to change your router channel. It is better to remove the interfering device completely but this is not always a practical solution. In this case try moving the interfering device as far away from your WiFi equipment as possible. You can also try shielding the device using aluminum foil or a metal sheet.

For more information to Improve WiFi or if you have any other questions, please contact us.

Happy New Year from C. Crane

C. Crane employee’s pets wishing everyone a Happy New Year! We’re sure you’ll all be tuned into a radio somewhere (hopefully one of ours!) counting down to 2015! We wish you and yours the very best in the upcoming year.


25 Days Of Christmas

Congratulations to Steve, winner of the CC Pocket Radio, Tom, winner of the CC Radio-2 E and Ed, winner of the C. Crane Gift Certificate worth $200.00.

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25 Days Of Christmas

Merry Christmas!

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25 Days Of Christmas

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Santa Claus Loves Radio

Christmas RadioChristmas isn’t just a time for gift giving, family and food, it’s also one of the best times for radio! Holiday music, Old Time Radio and traditional tales will fill a room with Christmas cheer quicker than the smell of fresh baked cookies. I can’t think of a better way to spend time with my family then turning off the TV and tuning in the radio, while enjoying my favorite hot drink by the fire.

Old Saint Nick even plays an important role in radio.  Without radio waves and satellites, we may not be able to track Santa Claus!

Many volunteers spend their precious time to track Santa through satellites. For over 50 years, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has tracked Santa’s flight and made it public. It all started in 1955; Sears Roebuck & Co misprinted an advertisement for the telephone number to phone Santa Claus. Instead of reaching Mr. Claus, the number went to CONAD (Continental Air Defense Command). The Director of Operations sent his staff to check the satellite radar for signs of Santa making his way south of the North Pole. Kids who called were given updates on his location, and so the tradition was born. Three years later, the US and Canada created the Bi-National Air Defense Command for North America (NORAD) to track Santa. The satellites sense heat. Rudolph’s nose gives off that same heat sense, so the satellites detect Rudolph’s bright red nose with no problem. Check out Santa’s tracker for yourself.

Santa Claus almost always makes a radio appearance during the holidays by taking calls from children, live on air. He takes last minute gift requests and can tell who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. This year WXAV Radio out of Chicago will host Santa’s phone call. People call in with their kids or grandkids to WXAV 88.3 FM December 23rd from 6-8 pm central time to talk with Santa himself. You can listen to those special callers and Jolly Saint Nick himself through their live stream.

With so many Christmas tunes available, you are bound to find something that melts your heart whether you listen to your regular analog radio or internet radio. You will find TuneIn Internet Radio has a plethora of stations like “An Old Time Radio Christmas” on WDAV or “Music Box Christmas”. Check your local stations for Christmas music or specials too.

Radio plays an important role year round and here at C. Crane we’d like to think we have a hand with that too, even if it means making the actual radios. The C. Crane Family would like to wish everyone a very joyous and safe Merry Christmas!

If you have a radio related Christmas story or Santa sighting please share it in a comment below.

These are some fun sites to check out.

A Long History of Recording Radio

I don’t know if I’d say we’re experts on recording, but we’re definitely very experienced. We’ve carried several different kinds of recording devices to try to help customers record long running late night talk radio shows.

Below is a recap of some of the products we’ve carried:

Dual Cassette Decks: Back in 1994 or 95 we carried Fisher dual cassette decks, one even had auto reverse. Some of them had timers and some didn’t. We found that usually they were fairly difficult to set up and since they were a component stereo piece there were no speakers built-in and no radio. These pieces had to be hooked up to speakers or play back the
cassettes on a different device. We carried some of these through 1999.

The Reel Talk arrived in 1996 – This seemed like the answer to all our problems. Built-in radio and speaker. No auto-reverse, but it could record at slow speed which would give approximately 4 hours on a 120 minute cassette tape and it had a programmable timer. Unfortunately it wasn’t the most reliable product. That said, there were a lot of people who loved this recorder and used it every single night to record Art Bell.CCRecorder1-996

The CC Recorder: This was our first foray into our own design of a recorder and it was way ahead of its time; a little too far ahead. It was an actual hard drive with a multi-event programmable timer. It could record up to 115 hours at lower quality or 15 hours at high quality. No built in radio but could record from any audio source. It’s only drawbacks were that It took too much power so no batteries, it was only AC powered and it was very complicated. Sean became our resident expert on this product and we all passed every troubleshooting call to him (sorry Sean).

versacorderIn 2000, we introduced the VersaCorder Tape Recorder – It recorded at regular speed or ¼ speed and had a multi-event programmable timer. We carried this recorder up until 2014 and still receive requests for it, but alas no one is making parts for cassette recorders or players. Talk about a challenge. Go to a manufacturing plant and say I want to make a cassette player…. not a lot of takers. Part of this is because of the solid state digital media, but part is because cassettes and cassette parts are prone to breakage. Lots of little moving pieces that wear out over repeated use.

We’ve had a variety of other Recorders; the Sony MiniDisc Recorder; Sony Digital Voice Recorder; Sangean ATS818ACS; Aiwa Personal AM/FM Radio & Tape Recorder, The Radio Your Way and several others. We actually used the Aiwa to make the original 909 audio instructions. We even had a VCR patchcord that could be used to record only audio to a VHS tape. Yes, we actually helped people program their VCRs.

Currently the CC Witness Plus is the only recorder we carry. The original CC Witness was introduced in 2008. A solid state recorder with a built-in AM/FM Radio, line input and a 20 event timer. CC Witness PlusSD card option for extended record time or 2GB of onboard memory. It has a built-in Mic or a line in and can record from the built-in radio or any external audio source. This is great for folks who can’t stay up listening to Coast to Coast or are at work when Rush is on. It’s kind of like DVR for radio.

What does the future of recording look like for C. Crane? Likely a culmination of our past successes and learning experiences mixed with customer feedback.

We want to know – how and what do you record? Have you “hacked” a recording product to make it work for something other than what it was designed it for? Or have you come up with something novel on your own? Leave a comment and let us know.

25 Days Of Christmas

CC Pocket RadioCongratulations to fqlevin, winner of the CC SW Pocket Radio.

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25 Days Of Christmas

Congratulations to Matt, winner of the CC Witness Plus Digital MP3 Recorder/Player, William, winner of the CC WiFi 2 Internet Radio and Jan, winner of the CC Radio-SW.

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25 Days Of Christmas

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