Happy Holidays from C. Crane!

C. Crane is celebrating the holidays with a silly Ugly Sweater Contest… who do you think should win?!



21 Responses to “Happy Holidays from C. Crane!”

  1. Alexander Rabinovich Says:

    This is a conundrum similar to shopping from your catalog, inasmuch a choice is very hard to make!

    Merry Christmas, C. Crane, from the highlands of NW Colombia.

  2. r theodore Says:


  3. Chris Westad Says:

    Jessica, as she “Lights” up the sweater.

  4. Rebecca Herron Says:

    My vote is for Jorge for the silly ugly sweater contest. His hat definitely adds to this perfect outfit!

    But, if there was a contest for the cutest/most clever, that winner would be Lisa!

    Rebecca Herron

  5. William Halsema Says:

    Jorge! Fabulous! The great part of an ugly sweater is that they are not seen on radio!

  6. Chuck mound Says:

    Annette. As vest up the game several notches.

  7. ridingonfumes Says:

    The guy standing next to the boxes in the shirt that says my old family Christmas

  8. D DePriest Says:

    Go Jessyca!

  9. Kelly Mills Says:


  10. Marv Gibson Says:

    Jessica’s is the BEST! They are all very good, but Jessica’s, lights, etc. wins with me…

  11. Jan Says:

    Angie’s got my vote!

  12. SoCalPal Says:

    Hands down….Got to be Carolyn 2.
    I mean….Nothing says “Seasons Greetings” as well as ‘Merry X-Mas’!
    (lol Carolyn. I think Mr. Crane put you up to this.)
    Merry Christmas All !!

  13. l w c Says:

    Why is everybody so shy ?

    Only three sweater wearers had the temerity to show their faces.

    I like the one on the ‘candy cane’: ccranenews.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/img_7396.jpg

  14. David Rudzinski Says:

    Wow, those are all hideous. I’ve narrowed it down to 3: Jorge, Jessica, and Seth. Since I can only choose one…, my vote for the ugliest sweater goes to Seth. Merry Christmas 🎄

  15. Dave Minchella Says:

    I have to vote for Seth. Where can I get one like it?

  16. Louis Aloi Says:

    Seth 🎄

  17. Binkey Barney Says:

    Gee Whiz, they all deserve a vote but I like #5. He’s the complete package with the hat & sweater. Truly “butt ugly”. Hope Santa doesn’t see this or I’ll have to buy my own presents…again!

  18. Eric Vieth Says:


  19. Gianna Says:

    Seth 🙂

  20. Terrance L Smith Says:


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