C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways


December 1st, 2016:

The C. Crane Family would like to celebrate this holiday season with all of the Radio Community. Join in on the #radiorevolution celebration with us by participating in C. Crane’s 12 Days of Christmas!

Each weekday we will post a new holiday themed question on our blog at news.ccrane.com. Post your comment and you will automatically be entered in our drawing to receive the C. Crane gift of the day. The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person, per day please. Shipping within the United States only.

Today’s Giveaway: The CC Buds

Today’s blog question: Do you decorate for the holidays? If so, do you have a special decoration you collect or a special tree with collectible decorations?

Good luck and thanks for participating!

28 Responses to “C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways”

  1. Bob Confer Says:

    I decorate my apartment each year with various heirlooms that my mother used to decorate with at Christmas time. I generally do not put up a Christmas tree because I have two cats and I’m always fearful that they will look at it as a giant toy and jump into it and get electrocuted. LOL!

  2. Sandi Petersen Says:

    We decorate for the holidays and do so using all the old decorations my kids have made. We use new ornaments too, however, the handmade stuff is very special.

  3. troyvriedel Says:

    We always decorate indoors. We have a blended family so we all have our favorite decorations or trinkets.

    But the girls now want to decorate outside. We order two of the “snowflake lights” that will project moving snowflakes on the two sides of the house that face the street.

  4. Mark Cromwell Says:

    Not so much this year, since my wife and I are now empty nesters and not expecting any visitors. The constant has been a large wreath on the front of the house and some LED light strings outlining our front porch.

  5. A Wilson Says:

    No, not anymore. the kids are grown and live across the country. Oh we might put up a wreath but that’s all.

  6. l w c Says:

    We put our tree up every year either on or the day before Thanksgiving. It stays up until the day after New Years.
    Our tree was for all the holidays, not just Christmas.

  7. Terrance L Smith Says:

    if in the rv a small tree and 12 volt led white lights and a string outside. if at home string and a small tree wood stove and a brandy

  8. ridingonfumes Says:

    Yeah my tree is small and artificial but it’s perfect size for my motorhome and its lights run off of a little solar panel powered USB battery pack that makes it special to me

  9. Marv Gibson Says:

    Like everyone else, my wife and I just pick up things here and there as the years go by and they end up becoming a big collection… A lot of sentimental favorites!

  10. Vernon Jackson Says:

    Yes, I decorate for the holidays I decorate the Christmas tree with red glitter poinsettia Christmas Tree ornaments,

  11. lwc30326 Says:

    Every year, we put our Christmas tree up either Thanksgiving or the day before and leave it up until the day after New Years.
    Our tree is for the entire season, Thanksgiving Day to New Years.

  12. scott gogin Says:

    I am excited to incorporate new technologies into the old traditions… just got some laser lights for the yard!

  13. William Alba Says:

    Everyone in the family hangs stockings (with care), including the one stitched with my baby nickname from over 50 years ago.

    P.S. I’d love the CC buds because our new puppy chewed mine up!

  14. kgrp77 Says:

    Red Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornaments

  15. Chuck mound Says:

    My wife loves snowmen,so they’re all over. I took up woodcarving in retirement and carve snowmen to feed her addiction. The rest of the house is a collection of family heirloom decorations. It’s a full three day event setting up.

  16. J ATL Says:

    Wreaths on the windows, a tree with a variety of lights – conventional, pine cones, chili peppers, some skinny Santas, a Star Trek Enterprise and a Vulcan warship, and then some fabric decorations of knights and ladies. Also bells that ring Christmas songs, a nativity, and a few other things.

  17. Gregg Ford Says:

    Yes, the center piece is usually an old manger scene purchased back in the 60s.

  18. bill a Says:

    we have a special star we put at the top of the tree been doing it all my life.

  19. Carl Jefferson Says:

    We have always put of Christmas decorations. Some years a lot and some years just a few. I really have come to like my white light Deer herd. The deer herd increases or decreases or maintains itself durning the season depending on how many of the lights I can keep on or keep going through out the season.

  20. William Halsema Says:

    Yes, a dated Hallmark ornament for the Christmas tree! Our kids do too!

  21. Jim Sherman Says:

    Nothing special. The wife and kids decorate the inside of the house. I put the lights up outside.

  22. William Brown Says:

    We decorate and have many decorations that we’ve used for many years.

  23. mnatt sisak Says:

    yes I do.

  24. digitalmann Says:

    We had to spend the last three winters away from home (for health reasons) so we missed Christmas. A couple of days after Halloween and my wife had the tree up and decorated and a wreath on the door.

  25. Dennis DePriest Says:

    We always decorate. The house would seem empty without a tree during December. It’s also a way of connecting memories of people and events.

  26. Bob Confer Says:

    The most embarrassing gift I ever received was a package of Depends my boss.

  27. S. Deters Says:

    We live way out in the country with only one neighbor we can see. We both put lights up that the other can see and hang wreaths in case any one comes to our door. We decorate the mailboxes up on the county road also.

  28. kgrp77 Says:

    C. Crane Pocket Radio is a good gift for a child.

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