C. Crane’s 30 Year Anniversary – 30 Days of Giveaways, Day 3!

Congratulations to Jim Rittenhouse winner of the SoftSpeaker™ Pillow Speaker w/Volume Control and Steve Dallape for winning the Power Vivid BR30 LED Light Bulb Bright White Dimmable.

Today’s giveaways are the Senta 40 Wooden Headphones and a GeoBulb®-3 LED Light Bulb in Soft White. For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog. Today’s blog topic: if you could name our next radio, what would you name it? The winners will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced tomorrow morning.

Senta-40 Wooden Headphones & GeoBulb®-3 LED Light Bulb Soft White

Senta-40 Wooden Headphones & GeoBulb®-3 LED Light Bulb Soft White

103 Responses to “C. Crane’s 30 Year Anniversary – 30 Days of Giveaways, Day 3!”

  1. Bob Sindelar Says:

    Next CC radio? The “CC Voicebox.” This reflects the superiority CC radios have in reproducing the human voice in terms of clarity and fidelity.

    • Dusty N. Says:

      Sentinel seams alright. But how about the CC Ultra Cool Superior Radio? JK 😛 I was never good at coming up with names for things.

  2. Troy K Says:

    The CC Sentinel

  3. nettie horner Says:

    I use my solar observer daily, I just love the weather channel.

  4. Tim R Says:

    I agree with Troy K. The CC Sentinel would be a great name. I’d included AM/FM/WB/SW and DTV.

  5. Dennis D. Says:

    The CC Pinnacle: The best in design, engineering, and function.

  6. Tom Carrington Says:

    The C. Cranium

  7. Kim Mitchell Says:

    C crane radio should be called C Com.

  8. Noel Napolitan Says:

    But I know nothing about it…. how about “Radio Active”…. it has a super long rechargeable battery life for those extra long runs or hikes or road trips…..

  9. Dan C Says:

    ooops, posted as a comment reply on accident, let’s try this again:
    Since you have loyal customers and you are loyal to quality products: The CC Fidelity!

  10. Bill Says:

    Here’s a winner: CC RADio. Emphasis on RAD!

  11. wally2005 Says:

    cc ryder

  12. steve goodman Says:

    CC needs a radio for RV’ers and people that travel.
    One that operated ar 12 VDC.
    And that CHARGES the internal batteries when plugged in.
    The name I can think of would be CC TRAVELER.

  13. David Neal Says:

    Name the next CC radio the “Zephyr”

  14. Arthur Fox Says:

    Nest CC Radio should be called CC World Voice

  15. Anna G. Says:

    CC Legacy

  16. Neil Bell Says:

    The CC Signal Magnet

  17. Jarret Brown Says:

    I like the “CC Sterling”. Emotes feelings of clarity, coolness and elegance. All the things that are C Crane.

  18. Paul Buckley Says:

    The Bob CC Wave

  19. penny Says:

    cc spaceage

  20. Royal Corwin Says:

    Evidently I have been sleeping at the switch, because I didn’t remember receiving an email about your great 30 day Giveaway for your thirty years in business. We purchased our unit while visiting in Florence, OR a few years ago. We take it camping with us and it is amazing that we can generally find our favorite talk radio people no mater where we go. Thank you for such great products. Royal & Sharon Corwin

  21. Sharon Says:

    The CC Harbinger

  22. Amin Says:

    For the next CC radio: ‘The CC Outrider’

  23. Sharon Says:

    CC Harbinger

  24. Richard McDonnell Says:

    Crane products are superb!

  25. Bob Tarcea Says:

    Call it the “Radiator” and make it look physically like a car’s radiator. BTW – I love your pillow speaker!

    . . . Bob

  26. Matt R Says:

    The CC-Lapalooza. For the annual music festival of diverse music and a platform for non-profit and political groups.

  27. Grace Huse Says:

    I love your radio’s. I use my pocket radio at a job that I work by myself. I tried several brands of radios and yours is the only radio I could find that would bring in reception out in the country. My CC Radio SW with the timer is my all time favorite.

  28. Bob Tarcea Says:

    P.S. – As “The Radiator” you could also easily hit the gearhead market. What auto tech wouldn’t want a radio sitting on his toolbox that looks like a car radiator? Can you say NASCAR? Great gift item for people who know a car fanatic too. Anyway, keep up the great work Bob! Also excited about W6OBB’s “new” career!

    . . . Bob

  29. Art Quirk Says:

    Crane Companion

  30. Paul W. Eichenberger Says:

    How about the CC OneWorld? This reflects the whole spectrum of capabilities: AM, FM, WX, SW, Ham, along with WiFi and multipower options(110/230VAC, DC, solar). A big radio, for certain.

  31. Phil Scorsone Says:


  32. Ron Says:

    Crane Galalxy

  33. Gary Franks Says:

    I would call it it the CC Complete. This would hopefully be an all-band radio.

  34. A.R. Wenner Says:

    How about C-Span?

  35. Roger Williams Says:

    The CC Far Reach Radio



  37. Dan Says:

    CC Awesome!

  38. Helen Scott Says:

    I would like to see it called “Unforgettable”

  39. Alex Molchin Says:

    I would like to see the TOMORROW radio.

  40. Ned Walker Says:

    The CC Music to Your Ears radio

  41. Paul O Says:

    How about the CC Tesla Classic

  42. eheyman Says:

    Love the PakLite LED light. Carry it with me everywhere I go.

  43. Linda Says:

    CC Cosmic. By the way I love my CC Radios!!

  44. Tom Says:

    I would love to interview John F Kennedy and ask him about the bay of pigs disaster

  45. William Bown Says:

    The Crane “Comrade”.

  46. Elizabeth Brooks Says:

    CC’s Best Kitchen Table Radio

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