A Message From Bob Crane, Founder of C. Crane

Probably because it is a “community” for the U.S. and much of the world. It is free and travels better at night than FM. I still listen to “AM” every day, but I listen via streams over the internet on a CC Radio-3 through the FM Transmitter 3 with a CC WiFi 3 most of the time. It makes no difference to me how I listen. I love my stations and continually learn valuable tidbits that change my life, and it is entertaining.

AM radio is also remarkable during a massive power failure because all static disappears which allows listening to a station 200 miles away or more (if you have a good radio). I suppose it depends on the type of power failure. Most of the big 50KW clear channel U.S. stations have now been hardened to take a nuclear or EMP attack and still broadcast. You may not know that they can also be directly connected to the President if they need to say something important since it may be the only source of information available if the Internet is compromised. Another one you may not believe if you live in California… an earthquake of a certain size (approximately 6.0), automatically cuts all power to that area. In addition, power is also cut if the wind is above a certain speed. I verified both scenarios.

A note about audio in our brain: I was recently reading in Science News (7-15-23) an article about a now famous lady, Elyse G., who was missing a substantial part of her brain responsible for audio. She was considered normal or above normal for all functions. A new audio cortex was found, (or possibly formed), on the other side of her brain which nobody knew was possible. This is amazing but what is most amazing is how important audio must be to us humans to accomplish this.

One more thing on AM… we attended an event some 30 years ago at the then great KGO radio in San Francisco. A crowd formed and when the doors were finally opened about half the crowd stormed our four employees and our two six-foot tables… and were wonderfully out of control. They had come to see us. Then I noticed something I will never forget… about 10% of the visitors were disabled or challenged in some way. Radio gave them a community to love and be loved without judgement.


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