World Radio Day – Radio is You!


Celebrated February 13th just in time for Valentine’s Day World Radio Day! The theme this year is “Radio is You”.

This couldn’t sum up our founder’s belief about radio any better. Radio is you! Bob and Sue Crane, founders of C. Crane, continue to be avid radio listeners.  The main reason they love to listen is because radio can be a very personal medium.  Even though it reaches the widest audience of any medium in the world, there is an individual connection to it that is unavailable elsewhere.

This synopsis from UNESCO in regard to their theme this year for World Radio Day really says it all:

Radio is still the most dynamic, reactive and engaging medium there is, adapting to 21st century changes and offering new ways to interact and participate. Where social media and audience fragmentation can put us in media bubbles of like-minded people, radio is uniquely positioned to bring communities together and foster positive dialogue for change. By listening to its audiences and responding to their needs, radio provides the diversity of views and voices needed to address the challenges we all face. Radio informs us and transforms us, through entertainment, information and audience participation.  Having a radio means you are never alone – you always have a friend in radio.  

C. Crane is proud to be a friend to many in radio from customers to stations to hosts and shows! We hope you celebrate World Radio Day, and if not, don’t worry about it – it’s never too late to celebrate radio (we do it here every day!).

Tell us how radio is personal to you in the comments section and be entered to win the CC Pocket Radio! Please one entry per person. Drawing will be held 3/10/2017.

Congratulations to Lee Horner, winner of the CC Pocket Radio. Thank you all for participating!

26 Responses to “World Radio Day – Radio is You!”

  1. paul walker Says:

    how is radio personal to me? its how i make my living and have done so my entire adult life. i’m a radio station announcer and program director using radio to connect to my audience on a personal life, make them laugh, smile, give them the information they need during the day and make a difference in their lvies by being a valuable member of the community

  2. Alexander Rabinovich Says:

    Radio is and has been my companion since childhood, stimulating my mind and keeping me informed. I grew up without TV but listened to AFRTS, BBC, and other stations on our Zenith or SONY SW receivers on our farm in NW Colombia and through that programming maintained a direct connection with the outside world. In addition, local MW/AM radio provided an intimate connection with the world around us; I’ll never forget listening to “radionovelas” (serial episodes) after lunch with the ranch foreman, following midday news bulletins. To this day I posit radio is an active medium which stimulates and engages listeners, unlike some others. I continue to actively measure the pulse of wherever I may be in the world by listening to SW and local MW/AM/FM radio programming.

  3. Paul Matthew Jr Says:

    I am of the generation before T.V. We have a radio on all day, We need it on to go to sleep, when I cut the grass, on the boat, in the car, CB and ham in the airplane and when we work around the shop. Don’t know why it just is.

  4. David Friedson Says:

    I started listening to radio in junior high school. I would dial through the shortwave bands at night and hear all sorts of interesting things. I was fascinated and hooked. I’m much much older now, but I still enjoy searching the radio bands. Younger generations should give it a try…preferably with a C.Crane radio!

  5. LON E. LIGHT Says:

    Radio is Very Personal to me BECAUSE; every since I was 10 years old I have had a transistor radio connected to my hand; I remember listening to that old transistor radio @ night..Listening to Baseball games, and Music which I will Never forget…And how radio was Special to me..It was Entertainment & a Connection!
    Lon E. Light

  6. Robert J. Stika Says:

    Radio got into my blood when I was 10 years old.I love all kinds of music and my first radio was a crystal set.I had a crystal and a ” cat whisker” and various other small parts and a headset.I am now 74 years old and have radios of all shapes and sizes all over the house.I have a “Transoceanic” Zenith and the newest one, which is my best find, the pocket size C.C. Crane AM and FM..This radio is small, but it has the best reception as well as clarity..Eventhough it is turned up fairly loud, it is nice and clear.As I said earlier, I love all kinds of music, which is true of radio.I like am,fm,shortwave,weather radio,and my favorite is AM .I have friends at local am station KCJJ in Iowa City,Iowa, right here.They have a 10,000 watt signal, and at night it travels.People have received them in Switzerland and Germany and other Countries.I even got into Police radio, and rigged up my first receiver in my car, of which was not made for cars yet. I had a friend put in a squelch and I got one of the first converter to change 12 volt to 110 volt and with my 6 volt system in my old 54 Plymouth,I had to keep the battery charged up, and I also had to battle spark noise from the plugs,and had to put resisters on them.The other thing I needed, was to put a antenna on for the 30 MHz low band.All in all RADIO has been in my life.

    Robert J. Stika

  7. Sue C Says:

    My radio is my bedtime companion. Its always there to keep me company, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night and sleep escapes me.

  8. S. Deters Says:

    My Mom never turned her radio off, so I grew up always hearing it. Now in my 70’s I have two radios, one by my chair in the living room and one by my bed. Due to some electrical problems I lost the TV and speakers years ago but I didn’t replace them, I bought radios. The one by my bed is the CC Solar Observer AM/FM/Weather Windup Emergency Radio. This is what I rely on during bad weather. I had a cheap weather radio but it just wasn’t reliable so now I never worry if I have battery or sunlight, it just keeps on playing and the stations are very clear. I never want to be without my radios

  9. ridingonfumes Says:

    Radio is personal to me because it’s always been there especially am at night when I need it the most
    Since I was a kid when my parents took away my books and TV hoping it would make me go to bed earlier to this very day I still have major trouble sleeping at night
    And radio has always been there to keep me from going insane in the middle of the night when i cant sleep…….. Especially when I’m in places with no other signals even camping way out in the boonies AM always comes in

  10. Chuck Mound Says:

    It’s been in my life since 1963 and I was 7yrs. old. I received a crystal radio “Spy” and clipped it to the cold air return and listened to everything I could that the toy could find. I was amazed , not understanding how it worked. Because of it I became a a life long baseball,rock & roll and talk radio fan. I seem to only get to sleep and stay asleep when there is an earbud in my ear.

  11. mugarura peter Says:

    Radio has become part of me since those early days around 7yrs when I used to tune in radio Uganda for my grandfather because the sw signal was so weak if you happen to disturb the signal would be disappear in the noise.Up today radio especially sw still attracts me. Tunning in a far way station is my delight. Thank you radio I can’t do with out you.

  12. fqlevin Says:

    I listen all day and fall asleep to radio at night. The moilecules around me vibrate with information coming in my ears. It is just too quiet without radio.

  13. jon Ancker Says:

    Ahhh…. Radio….. Yes.. Like many others I grew up in a time when My Best Christmas present was an AM transistor radio ( early 1960’s ) … I would lay in bed , with the little device under my pillow, listening to ALL manner of things from far away places … Jazz ( Baltimore and Rochester, NY ) , Baseball ( KMOX, KDKA ), JEAN SHEPHERD ( WOR )….. Hockey ( From Madison Square Garden )…. AS an 11 Year Old…. Radio Expanded my horizons as NO other form of media ( ALAS, with Radio… One must use one’s imagination to fill IN the Visual Void ) ….. Thanks to Radio, I’ve been able to Cope with many of the things which Life has dealt…. To this day, Radio is my “Go>>TO ” place…. AND , Thanks to CCrane and their quality products ( Yup, over the years , I’ve acquired several… The ” CC Radio SW ” –my first several years ago — UP to the ” CC WiFI ” — purchased a few weeks ago.. )… RADIO…. Is… Alive AND Thriving !!!!!!!!!

  14. Gail Johnson Says:

    I have been listening to radio all my life and get worried when I hear radio talk show hosts say that free radio might disappear. I keep my radio on most of the time and would feel lost without it. Radio is very personal to me. I can and listen to what I am interested in and the kind of music I love. I feel like it is my companion and I feel lost if I can’t have it nearby. One station gives the news on the half hour and I try to catch it every time. You can get it on the internet but if I lose power there it goes. I love portable radios.

  15. Jan Says:

    I am a busy homeschooling, stay-at-home mom, but time out running errands alone in the car I get to catch up on my favorite radio talk shows, and if I’m not in the mood for that, I switch over to our local classical music station. I love snatching those moments with my favorite radio personalities and music. The end of the evening is another time I can sometimes listen to a podcast of a program that aired earlier in the day — thanks to that technology!

  16. Bill Jollie Says:

    Radio is the very definition of personal:
    Radio encourages participation in society. I travel a lot in the USA for business, and abroad for pleasure. I never travel without a small radio like the CCrane Skywave. What is the area news? Who is playing in the local clubs? What is the area traffic, the local weather forecast? Sure, you can find that on the internet…with a special connection and lots of head down, self absorbed finger tapping. Radio allows you to do other things and still learn the area.
    Radio is a great introduction to the local culture. You learn the popular songs and the important issues whether you are in Paris France or Paris Texas.
    Radio opens doors to others. “This must be a popular song, I heard it on the radio. What else do you listen to” will start a conversation with a stranger that both can enjoy.
    And radio is private. It is no one’s business but my own that I choose to listen to BBC or Radio China, Radio Germany or a South American evangelical Station. Sure I can find them all on the internet: and leave a record of what I listened to, when, and for how long. Sorry, it is my choice, none of your business.
    Flexibility, engagement, and privacy: only radio provides all three dimensions for a personal experience.

  17. Eric Vieth Says:

    I listen ta AM talk radio a lot – I’m conservative. I’m blessed to have XM – I listen to “Escape” – channel 69, when I’m working on a Sunday School lesson – gotta have some background. I love music from Bing Crosby to the Eagles, from Merle Haggard to Vince Gill, so those genres are on a lot. At night I love to lay in bed & hear Jack Benny & Co. on “Radio Classics” -148.In the summer I’m glued to my CC radio2 to hear my favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds. Thus, a radio is almost always on in or out of the house, and I can truthfully say that if I had to pick between this wonderful medium and TV, well, the big square box would have to go!

  18. Anna G. Says:

    I received my first radio for Christmas when I was a kid, I think is was in 1968, it was an Elgin transistor radio. I loved that radio and I remember listening (DX-ing) to the New Year’s broadcasts on New Year’s Eve, starting with a broadcast in eastern time, then an hour later in central time, then mountain time, then our own west coast time. I was thrilled, and still am. Radio has always been my favorite thing.

  19. Leo Bricker Says:

    Radio is personal to me as a reminder of my favorite Uncle. My uncle was a radio operator in the Navy in WWII. He brought that home as a ham radio operator and shortwave listener. Unlike at home where we listened to AM and FM local broadcast stations he introduced me to broadcast stations around the world as well as ham operators around the world. Any time I listen to radio I am reminded of him. I wish he was still with us. I’d probably give him the Pocket Radio when I win it. 🙂

  20. markotwo Says:

    Everyday is radio day for me as well….I listen to the radio more than I watch tv or even spend time on the internet. I own many classic older radios as well as many CCrane radios. Love them and listen to them all…

  21. Mary-Lynn Schwoob Says:

    I remember listening to the Lone Ranger before bedtime. Then there were the daytime soaps. As a family we would listen to the shadow while driving home from Pacific Grove to San Jose. Through the years I have grown in my spiritual life by listening to Dr. Charles Stanley, Chuck Swindoll, Billy Graham. To this day I still listen to Dr. Stanley. It’s lonely being a caregiver to my adult disabled daughter. People tend to avoid those who are ill. So the radio is my lifeline listening to conservative talk programs, classical and country music in addition to my time with God. TV news reporting is so slanted, It’s disturbing. I’m so glad we still have access to the radio.

  22. Dave Minchella Says:

    I’ve been addicted to radio since I was a youngster. At 5, I built a Remco crystal radio kit, at 6 my grandfather bought me a second hand AM-SW radio, and as I grew older, I built many from scratch. I started collecting old radios, and always had one on in my bedroom. I’d DX the AM broadcast band at night, and in 1968 heard early reports of the assassination of Robert Kennedy (I woke up the whole family). Radio has always been part of my life. Now, being retired and a ham, my favorite activity is still DXing the AM broadcast band. In the 21st century, radio is still a viable source of news and information. C Crane makes some of the best radios for DXing.

  23. lwc Says:

    The best part of radio for me is that I get to hear public radio during the day and “Coast…” at night without being limited by data plan capacity on the Internet.

    A win-win for me !

  24. Greg B. Says:

    Radio is a very important part of my life. I listen to the radio every day to learn about current events. I especially enjoy listening to talk radio because the hosts go into depth about the questions of the day, making me a more informed citizen. One of the particularly attractive things about getting your news from talk radio is that you can listen to it while doing other things. I like to listen to it while getting ready in the morning. Another attractive thing about getting your news from talk radio is that you have a broader array of sources to choose from as compared to, say, the newspaper. There are some talk shows that I have particular confidence in and if it wasn’t for radio, I would not be able to listen to them. Radio is definitely an important part of me and an important part of a free and thoughtful society.

  25. Lee Horner Says:

    With the C Crane internet wireless radio we’re now able to listen to radio stations in our home town of Albuquerque, notably the university FM stations and a news/talk 50,000 watt station we otherwise can’t hear in Arizona during the daytime; classical music from the Monterey Bay on a station that also broadcasts the Monterey Jazz Festival, then another station that carries Don Imus (those are getting harder to find) and of course stations anywhere in the world!

  26. flmom2006Sherri Brun Says:

    When I was a little girl long ago, I used to put my transistor radio under my pillow and I loved to pull in those far-away stations. I remember listening to Wolfman Jack in particular. Even when I moved from Utah to Florida, when clear-channel protection was still in force, I could pull in KSL radio from my home state of Utah. It became a life-long hobby for me and I then became involved as an avid short-wave listener. as the years have gone by, I still listen to radio. Radio has added so much to my life through the changing times. I keep track of the news, commentary and of course, sports. I take my radio to baseball, football and basketball games to listen to the play-by-play. Of course, as a blind person, that makes the games much more exciting. Radio has been a lifelong friend. I have several of them. I can truly say that my life is richer and far better because of radio.

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