12 Days of Giveaways


December 13th, 2016:

Congratulations to Dave Minchella, winner of the Emergency Windup CC LED Lantern

Today’s giveaway: Senta Ally Bluetooth® Stereo Speaker

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog question.

Today’s blog question: Do you ever make gifts yourself? If so, what have you made?

The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person, per day please. Shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. Good luck and thanks for participating!



41 Responses to “12 Days of Giveaways”

  1. Sandi Petersen Says:

    We have made succulent hypertufah planters. They looked awesome so I kept one for myself :-D.

  2. Dan Says:

    I make home made loaves of bread for family.

  3. ridingonfumes Says:

    Does growing count as making? When I don’t travel I grow weed I’ve been doing it for my own medical reasons and to help out some friends and family who are unable to grow their own for years. But this year now that the state has made it legal for any adult I’ve been able to give it to a lot more of my friends and family and I’ve even gone around town and given away baggies to dozens of random adults who looked like they needed a joint or 2.
    Yeah I know that’s a crazy answer but it’s the best I got I’ve got no artistic skills no creative abilities but I sure have a green thumb

  4. Marv Gibson Says:

    I NEVER make gifts myself, very purposely… I have tried before and have found I’m ‘all thumbs’…

  5. bruce Atchison - author Says:

    Back in 1975, I was in a crafts course. It came in handy since I didn’t have to shop for gifts. I made rope a bench a book holder, a wrought iron plant hanger, and other cool things for my family.

    I also made my sister a chores coupon book. It had chores as washing the dishes and vacuuming a room.

  6. Mark elton Says:

    I made a Christmas present of a jewelry box’s and candy.
    Merry Christmas c crane !

  7. Kelly Mills Says:

    I don’t make gifts, but my daughter is an artist and draws cards for people 😊

  8. Bob Confer Says:

    I make gifts all the time, but they are composed of food items. Usually cookie platters, candy, etc.

  9. Charles Case Says:

    I have designed calendars for family.

  10. Kay Hettich Says:

    I enjoy baking cookies for family, friends and neighbors. Hardly anyone refuses an edible present.

  11. Sue C Says:

    I am an avid sewer. Favorite gifts to make are wallets and purses

  12. Andrew Spinneit Says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    It has been years since I made a present. I think it was for my parents. As they grew older, one gift they always enjoyed was when I made time to go to the zoo with them or fishing with my Dad.

  13. S. Deters Says:

    This year I took peanut butter jars and painted the lids and installed knobs in top and filled them with candy.

  14. psteckler Says:

    Mix CDs.

  15. Dennis DePriest Says:

    I have made a rocking horse for my niece and wooden toy cars and trucks for my nephew.

  16. fqlevin Says:

    Sure. This year I am giving home-made hickory-smoked maple-cured bacon.

  17. J ATL Says:

    I do well to wrap presents. Making something is way beyond my skill sets. Minor, very minor, repairs is as handy as it gets.

  18. Paul Seaburn Says:

    Fruitcake that beats anything you can get in stores.

  19. Bill Apple Says:

    I make photo albums and give then for Christmas.

  20. Chuck mound Says:

    In retirement I tried my had at wood carving. I am still trying. My father ,who past away several years ago use to carve Santas for all of my sibilings. I now carve and date snowmen for my wife,son and daughter-in-law. Always something different each year and most years,but not all, slightly better in skill level.

  21. Benny Says:

    Yes. I send hand made Greeting cards.

  22. Baku Says:

    I gift homemade strawberry jam.

  23. Ruby Says:

    Oh yes! I gift my special handmade cranberry bread

  24. SH21 Says:

    I make cinnamon ornaments and personalize them with the recipient’s picture

  25. Jim Sherman Says:

    This year I a company to make photo calendars for my wife and her parents.

  26. Binkey Barney Says:

    Well make them? I am a professor who is academically dead – rigor motris is late. I have no talent to make anything (that’s why i’m a professor) To put my heart on my sleeve, i haven’t been too good this year – so i will go buy my own presents, Hah Santa…take that!

  27. Pat Gebarowski Says:

    As a quilter, I have given my quilted creations as gifts.

  28. r theodore Says:

    a piece of furniture

  29. Claire O'Donnell Says:

    Oh, yes! make as much as possible. I have given numerous Christmas wreaths. and they are always a welcomed gift. and so joyous.

  30. J. Zirkle Says:

    I have crocheted and knitted gifts as well as baked gifts. All made with great love and care:)

  31. SH21 Says:

    Yes- last Christmas I gifted bird feeders that I made

  32. Kathy Amptmann Says:

    I like to make ornaments for friends and family. They are always fun, personal, inexpensive and appreciated by the recipient’s. It’s something they use year after year and will always remind them of me for years to come.

  33. Judy Holiday Says:

    Yes, I have made at least a few homemade gifts every year for as long as I can remember, and have passed that tradition on to my daughter, who is passing it onto my granddaughter. The joy of creating something with your hands to share is far more satisfying than just buying a random gift someone can go buy themselves. I do a mix of buy & create. I’ve gifted homemade foods, art, clothes, plantings, certificates for gifts of time (like jewelry cleaning), and more over the years. I’m actually up now listening to C2C while making a little mermaid snow globe ornament for my 4 year old granddaughter. I’ll be helping her make little ornaments to give as gifts this weekend. Last year I refinished a pair of vintage candlestick holders in pearly paint for my daughter’s new house.

  34. Tom Blackwell Says:

    I don’t make gifts, but sometimes work to install something manufactured by others. Sometimes there are new and creative ways of carrying out an installation.

  35. taschen Says:

    I made a light saber violin bow, for my daughter who loves both violin and Star Wars.

  36. land stclair Says:

    I cook and make stained glass…..I love to gift homemade items.

  37. mnatt sisak Says:

    no I have not.

  38. Carl Jefferson Says:

    I usually make learning gifts for the kids when I can not find what I want in the store. The gifts may be coloring pages of connect the dots. ABC or 1 2 3.

  39. markotwo Says:

    no,except for x-mas cards when I was a kid

  40. Gianna Says:

    Yup! Scarves, coloring books, cards, book marks, and I am not sure what else! 🙂

  41. Zoe Says:

    Yes, every year! I can’t remember all the things I have made.

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