C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways


December 9th, 2016:

Congratulations to Terry Story, winner of the Unity Plus LED Flashlight.

The Answer of the blog trivia question Peter, Paul and Mary had this No. 1 song during Christmas 1969? ‘Leaving on a jet plane’

Today’s giveaway:  Senta-40 Wooden Headphones

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog question.

Today’s blog question: What is your favorite Christmas or Holiday themed Radio Station?

The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person, per day please. Shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. Good luck and thanks for participating!

46 Responses to “C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways”

  1. Sandi Petersen Says:

    I listed to Christmas music on my Amazon Prime account.

  2. Dan Says:

    KAJO, they play a lot of Christmas music and holiday related contests.

  3. fqlevin Says:

    BBC Radio 4 is my favorite station. Because of the time change Christmas comes eight hours early when I do so using my C.Crane Internet Radio.

  4. Dave Minchella Says:

    I enjoy Internet radio station YESTERDAY USA. They play allot of Christmas music and OTR

  5. Ken Callmeyer Says:

    My favorite isn’t a radio station but a particular program. Every year KTRS (AM 550) in Saint Louis airs the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas special with Chip Davis on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’s a mixture of very classic Christmas songs and stories. By the end of the shows, you end up learning a lot of Christmas history and although I’ve only heard it about ten years now, it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me without it.

  6. land stclair Says:

    I like WDRB……………..and it comes in beautifully on my CC Skywave.

  7. Bill Apple Says:

    WBCQ the planet. it will be different in any case.

  8. Marv Gibson Says:

    I listen to “Old Time Radio” using my C. Crane FM Transmitter 2 hooked up to my MacBook Pro to my old CC Radio…

  9. Roman Says:

    95.1 It’s the only one I know of.

  10. Jan Says:

    Actually, our family listens to recordings of Advent music. We LOVE Christmas music, but we struggle to make ourselves wait to listen to it until at least the 3rd week of Advent, to increase our longing for the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child. (We do “cheat” by practicing Christmas music on our instruments and in choir practices, though!) And thanks for this lovely give-away blog each year. It is a delight for our entire family!!!

  11. Eric Vieth Says:

    Radio Classics XM 148

  12. J. Zirkle Says:

    Pandora: Robert Shaw Chorale Holiday

  13. psteckler Says:

    WJIB, AM 740, in Cambridge, Mass.

  14. Kathy Rybak Says:

    Love Brian Setzer holiday songs on pandora

  15. Charles Case Says:

    I like listening to the “America’s Best Music” network on WILE Cambridge Ohio

  16. r theodore Says:

    Joy FM

  17. Chuck Mound Says:

    88.5 WYSU

  18. scott gogin Says:

    kiro 97.3 seattle wa … Coast to Coast AM at night!

  19. Greg Says:

    I enjoy listening to the various Christmas “stations” on Pandora. The CC Wifi Internet Radio is a great way to “tune in” Pandora!

  20. l w c Says:

    There is no Christmas or Holiday themed radio in Atlanta, but WGN in Chicago broadcasts old radio shows over the Internet every Saturday night. During the holidays some of the shows will have holiday themes.

  21. John C Says:

    WFMT a listener supported commercial free classical music station and now wifi channel shares the finest quality classical music on superior wifi. At Christmas time you will hear pieces from your distant memory or never heard before and in fine high fidelity. Plus no commercials ever. So tranquil and inspiring even the announcer/dj’s take some type of soma to relieve us of their emotional excitement 🙂 I recommend WFMT.

  22. Tom Blackwell Says:

    I appreciate Coast to Coast’s programming – – with regular people who continue on for the holiday. There is always something special to discuss that day.

  23. Bob Confer Says:

    96.5 Milwaukee

  24. Dana Says:

    All of them! 🙂

  25. mnatt sisak Says:


  26. Claire O'Donnell Says:

    WKGL 620 AM, Homer Alaska.Christmas musak all day all month. I never tire of it.

  27. Gianna Says:

    I like 95.1 and 105.1

  28. Zoë Says:

    I mostly listen to 95.1.

  29. Jim Sherman Says:

    The only holiday-themed station I know of is 97.5 out of Martinsburg, WV.

  30. thud749 Says:

    Favorite station in Orange County is KBSR from Saddleback College.  Dennis Wills, Tustin,  CA

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  31. William Alba Says:

    The kids love listening to a local station (3WS, 94.5) for Christmas music.

  32. soni Says:

    98.7 KLUV Christmas

  33. sh21 Says:

    KDGE 102.1 FM

  34. Baku Says:


  35. Ruby Says:

    KLUV 98.7FM

  36. Benny Says:

    KDGE 102.1 FM

  37. Benny Says:


  38. Anu Says:

    KOSI 101.1

  39. Abha Says:

    TRI 102.5

  40. MN303 Says:

    Santa 107.3

  41. St211 Says:

    KOSI 101.1

  42. DK21 Says:

    KLUV 98.7 FM

  43. Tristan Mitchell Says:

    I have to go with the local KMDR in McKinleyville!

  44. Terrance L Smith Says:

    Salvation Army and Food Closet and VFW

  45. ridingonfumes Says:

    Not sure if this actually counts but I’ve been helping get the Christmas parade set up for the last dozen years or so I don’t build the floats I just helped everyone with the last minute issues that arise because something always happens at the last minute they weren’t expecting and of course we keep everything in order

  46. Mark elton Says:

    The salvation army, I like ringing the bell for the donation kettle, and the food shelf and home less shelter- church.
    Happy holidays.

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