C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways

holiday-cheerDecember 7th, 2016:

Congratulations to Rosario Guzzi, winner of the Power Vivid® Pocket Flashlight

Today’s giveaway: SoftSpeaker™-2 Pillow Speaker with Volume Control

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog question.

Today’s blog question: Do you get your pets (if you have them) Christmas gifts?

The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person, per day please. Shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. Good luck and thanks for participating!

44 Responses to “C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways”

  1. Bob Confer Says:


  2. psteckler Says:

    Instead the usual dry cat food, a holiday treat is a nice can of white albacore tuna.

  3. Rob Johnson Says:

    Yes. but not more than $5.00

  4. Sandi Petersen Says:

    We buy bones for our dogs and some new chew toys for the parrot :-).

  5. William Alba Says:

    We have a new puppy, so the kids will undoubtedly get him something.

    Previously, the best dog in the world would only occasionally get something for the holidays. He didn’t need stuff. He needed me, almost as much as I needed him.

  6. Dave Minchella Says:

    We do give gifts to our pets, 3 cats and a dog. Usually a new bed, treats, etc. This year the cats are getting a climbing tower. Unfortunately, C. Crane doesn’t sell gifts for pets.

  7. fqlevin Says:

    We have no pets, but when we did have a cat we always got her a catnip toy to keep her away from the Christmas tree.

  8. Mark Cromwell Says:

    Yes, of course. We have no children at home, but our dogs have always seemed to anticipate and enjoy new toys and treats on Christmas.

  9. Claire O'Donnell Says:

    You bet! kitty goodies always.

  10. Bill Apple Says:

    It’s hard to give a pet a Christmas we use to give our cats catnip, feathers and balls, anything that moves. Forget giving a cat a bed. Good luck with that?

  11. S. Deters Says:

    I don’t get my cat anything but I get things for the neighbor’s dogs. They love to rip the paper off to get to the treats.

  12. r theodore Says:

    nahhh, not really maybe just a biscuit…

  13. ridingonfumes Says:

    Not every year but I usually try to even if it’s just some sort of special treats

  14. bruce halverson Says:

    Yes, although inexpensive.

  15. markotwo Says:

    no pets

  16. mnatt sisak Says:

    yes, always.

  17. Mark elton Says:

    Yes, we are all one big happy family !
    Merry Christmas c crane !

  18. Chuck Mound Says:

    At this time my wife and I don’t have a pet. We do get gifts for my son & daughter-in-law’s cats.

  19. Marv Gibson Says:

    For our dog and horse every day is Christmas!!!

  20. J. Zirkle Says:

    When we had our Dachshund, absolutely!

  21. Robin Diebold Says:

    I don’t have pets. But I used to and did buy them treats for Christmas

  22. l w c Says:

    Pets get their gift when grabbing all the leftovers after everyone leaves the table.

  23. Debbie Says:

    My husband bought me one of your radios. I absolutely love it!! Thank you for the awesome products you sell!

  24. Debbie Says:

    Yes, we get our pets Christmas presents. We hang a stocking for them also.

  25. A Wilson Says:

    Yes, we give our pets christmas treats. They’re our kids that never grow up and leave home.

  26. Dave Culver Says:

    Yes, we give our 2 dogs and 2 cats Christmas gifts. It is always something for them to eat that they don’t get any other time of the year. The dogs will get some fresh beef liver for breakfast and the cats will get some tuna. Merry Christmas.

  27. Robert Stika Says:

    Yes,we have our own Christmas tree.

  28. Greg Says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I have to pick up a gift for bowser. We usually get our dog something for Christmas. In past years we have given her raw-hide chewies, dog toys, etc. You don’t want to forget your canine companion!

  29. Sue C Says:

    Of course! she’s part of the family and all family get gifts!!

  30. Dan Says:

    Nope, we don’t have any pets.

  31. Carolyn Boyer Says:

    When we used to have pets we did give them gifts!

  32. Carl Jefferson Says:

    Yes, we give the family dog gifts. Cotton will get a new toy or chew Christmas.

  33. Jim Sherman Says:

    Maybe some food

  34. Rich Says:

    Yes , but at the moment I don’t have any pets.

    • Robert Stika Says:

      Yes I always do buy a gift for my wonderful kitty.She is getting old at 14 but still is really smart and love able.Sarah is the best…

  35. Gianna Says:

    Sometimes I will get a bone or some treats for my dog and something yummy for the cat.

  36. Zoë Says:


  37. Jan Says:

    Not really as a rule, no.

  38. Roman Says:

    Nope! But Mom and Dad do.

  39. Carlton Stacks Says:

    Pets do look forward to opening(ripping) there present!

  40. Eric Vieth Says:

    I put extra hay in the doghouse, so, YES

  41. Dan Says:

    No pets, if we did I would probably get them a treat.

  42. Carvel Puls Says:

    I always got my pet (Sassy) a gift for Christmas. We lost her 3 years ago and now place a small porcelain likeness of her under the tree.

  43. scott gogin Says:

    Yeah, they see you getting cool stuff so giving them an item satisfies their sense of included into the pack, and maybe they will leave your stuff alone!

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