The Month for Thanksgiving


This is the month to reflect on all that we have and what we are truly grateful for, to get in the spirit we wanted to find out which radio show, host or station you are most thankful for! Enter in the comments below and be entered to win the product of your choice (excluding the AEGO sound systems).  Drawing will be held November 30th. Please one entry per person.

52 Responses to “The Month for Thanksgiving”

  1. Deb R. Says:

    Another thankful Coast to Coast AM radio fan here – I’m thankful for all the terrific guests and provocative ideas transmitted over the late night radio waves – challenging listeners to expand their thinking and awareness. I’m thankful for the open and inquiring minds of George Noory, Art Bell, John B. Wells, Lisa Garr, and George Knapp. I learned of C. Crane’s great products from Coast to Coast and it has since been my ‘go-to’ company for quality audio and lighting products. When I want to give someone a cool techie gift, I shop C. Crane’s website first. You’re a great American company – keep making those cool products!

  2. Bill Schweinfurth, Fairport NY Says:

    I’m grateful for my favorite NPR programs that include Morning Edition All Things Considered for my daily commutes, rebroadcasts of Car Talk, Fresh Air, A Prairie Home Companion, Snap Judgment, and the CBC and BBC. All programs that come in strong and clear with a C Crane radio. Wish my car radio was a C Crane.

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