C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways

12 days of Christmas

December 1st, 2015:

The C. Crane Family would to celebrate this holiday season with all of the Radio Community. Join in on the celebration with us by participating in C. Crane’s 12 Days of Christmas!

Each weekday we will post a new holiday themed question on our blog at news.ccrane.com. Post your comment and you will automatically be entered in our drawing to receive the C. Crane gift of the day. The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person. Shipping within the United States only.

CC BudsToday’s Giveaway: The CC Buds.

Today’s blog question: When do you start decorating for the holidays? And what are the most unusual things you have used to decorate with?

Good luck and thanks for participating!

36 Responses to “C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways”

  1. Paul Seaburn Says:

    Started on the day after Thanksgiving. Crumpled aluminum foil makes great reflective decorations when you can’t find the tinsel.

  2. Susan Connolly Says:

    First Sunday after Thanksgiving

  3. Marv Gibson Says:

    I’ve turned kind of “Scroogey” with age, so I’ll probably wait until 12-24…

  4. Suzie Williams Says:

    We decorate Thanksgiving night.

  5. Dan Derdzinski Says:

    I start on the first nice day after Thanksgiving. Here in Chicago, that means anything above the freezing mark! Most unusual thing I’ve used to decorate with? Lottery tickets on the tree!

  6. awenner1 Says:

    It’s a tradition at our house to start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. We’re halfway there now! My favorite Christmas Tree decorations are the ones we made at a museum in the Adirondacks out of twigs, leaves and bark.

  7. LON E. LIGHT Says:


  8. Jim Milholland Says:

    We start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. We get a tree and put it up. We put lights on and then wait until our sons come home for Christmas to do the rest. Nothing unusual. Our angel is the one our son made in the first grade.

  9. James Lawrence Says:

    Day after Thanks giving

  10. Frank Levin Says:

    I put my exterior lights up in October when the weather is still good and the Oregon rain has not begun. They get switched on as soon as we return from Thanksgiving in LA with relatives. The tree inside goes up two weekends before Christmas and comes down New Year’s Day. I only ce lighted an old truck for the holidays. Not a big success.

  11. Tim Meadows Says:

    Tim Meadows- 2nd week in December. Butter Popcorn!!

  12. Chuck mound Says:

    Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving is the interior and exterior of the house. The following Wednesday is the tree. The most unusual and out of character decorations is a goof gag tacky fiber optic snowman that was bought at a drug store that my wife refuses to leave in the attic. In fact it is displayed prominently in a place of “Honor” . I have paid more for replacement bulbs than it cost originally. I don’t understand. Really.

  13. Edward Strnad Says:

    We decorate about 10 days before Christmas, to avoid turning the tree into a dried-out incendiary device!
    The most unusual decorations I suppose would be a giant 10-foot tall inflated penguin on my balcony. It scared the heck out of the local birds and Squirrels😆!

  14. joest73 Says:

    The day after Thanksgiving.

  15. matt siosak Says:

    day after Christmas

  16. matt sisak Says:

    day after thanksgiving

  17. binkey barney Says:

    Decorate right after the last bite of turkey goes down.

    I once tied up my sister and decorated her.



  18. Binkey Barney Says:

    Decorating begins when the last bite of turkey goes down.

    I once tied my sister up and decorated her…

  19. William Brown Says:

    We start the day after Thanksgiving.

  20. Terry Story Says:

    When dragged kicking and screaming into it!

  21. Jim Sherman Says:

    Within a week or so after Thanksgiving. No unusual decorations that I can think of.

  22. Alan Says:

    We start decorating Thanksgiving Day although we don’t do a lot with no kids at home it doesn’t seem the same.

  23. Stan Horzepa Says:

    I decorate at the last minute, but sometimes the last minute passes and I don’t decorate at all. One year, I hung lights from the top of my 55-foot antenna tower in the shape of an inverted V to form a 55-foot Christmas tree.

  24. Sharad V Says:

    I start decorating just after Halloween. Over the years, the most unusual decoration items have included things such as graduation caps (in years when a family member was graduating college), dog toys (to appease the family dog) and even Grouch Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments!

  25. Pat handley Says:

    Well, my family made a string of Christmas lights out of used shotgun shells, still use them too this day

  26. David H. Says:

    We decorate when the Wife and Son get ready.

  27. Greg Calu Says:

    250 miles

  28. Mike Myers Says:

    Already started – usually after Thanksgiving. Found a pine tree on the beach for a Christmas tree after my wife prayed for it. I didn’t really want one at the time but after we found it, we used it.

  29. Wayne Says:

    The candles you clip onto a strong branch.

  30. Ankush Says:

    Decorations for diwali and use flowers 💐 🌸 to dacorate

  31. Steve Averill Says:

    I drove 2500 miles in 2002 to be home for the holidays with my family.

  32. Marshall Mac Says:

    440 miles

  33. Gianna Says:

    In the first week or two of Advent we usually start decorating. And for the unusual thing is that we probably have eight or nine Nativity sets that we put up around the house!!!

  34. Jan B. Says:

    We start celebrating the first week of Advent by bringing out our Advent wreath. And we don’t decorate the tree until Christmas eve!

  35. Greg Says:

    We start decorating on Gaudete (Joyful) Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent. We have an ornament made from an egg shell and scraps of fabric and cotton to look like a wise man. A face is penciled on the egg shell. It’s actually rather nice looking!

  36. Karl Blahnik Says:

    we travel to our son’s house in
    batavia Illinois about 200 miles away

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