C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways

12 days of Christmas

December 2nd, 2015:

Congratulations to Binkey Barney, winner of the CC Buds.

Today’s giveaway: SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog question.

Today’s blog question: What is the farthest distance you have ever traveled for the holidays?

The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person. Shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. Good luck and thanks for participating!

88 Responses to “C. Crane 12 Days of Giveaways”

  1. Jeff Says:

    In the past we always drove from Wisconsin to Kentucky to my wife’s parents house. It was 800 miles one way and usually took us 14 hours.

    • PCC Mobile SIG Says:

      Back wen I was in college in Minnesota, I traveled from Minnesota to San Francisco to visit my dad and his family. Distance was approx. 1,800 miles. Takes about 4 hours by air.

  2. Mary Lovelace Says:

    I traveled 2,995,9 miles from Boston to Long Beach Ca to meet my brother coming home from Viet Nam. We celebrated Christmas in CA

  3. Jim Milholland Says:

    Denver to Milwaukee, approximately 1,000 miles by car, on Christmas Eve and into Christmas day, driving straight thru, listening to Christmas music on WLS on the car radio.

    Which is second to London to Atlanta, 4,000 miles, when I was working there and came home for the holiday. West of it was that my bag with my presents for my wife and kids was stolen at the Atlanta airport, so I arrived home empty handed.

  4. Mary Lovelace Says:

    I traveled 2,995.9 miles from Boston to Long Beach, CA to meet my brother who came home from Viet Nam. We celebrated Christmas in CA

  5. Thomas James Cook Says:

    Only 1500 miles, but it was via Continental Trailways bus which seems to amplify distances.

  6. Joseph Wilson Says:

    When I was a child,my mother took our family to her sister’s house for Christmas.
    It’s about 120 miles,but seemed to take forever.
    When we came home,some of my presents were left behind.

  7. David Westerhold Says:

    One year I drove about 1,000 miles to Key West, Florida.

  8. Chuck mound Says:

    Most of my family is within 15 miles… It is a Merry Christmas here.

  9. Louise potter Says:

    1000 miles but usually stay close to home

    • abheraj jaswal Says:

      when i got my first job, i plan to travel to europe from india, i took polish air lines flight from new delhi to warsaw vis dubai[uae]and burgus[bulgaria] and finally landing at warsaw in chily morning its distance around from delhi to warsaw is 7000 kms in distance.

  10. william apple Says:

    about 300 miles to my parents hometown

  11. Bob Billett Says:

    From Los Angeles to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Drove straight through (two drivers) and it took 45 hours. The return trip took six days with a stop at a ski resort every day (drive all night, ski all day).

  12. Art Matchack Says:

    My longest trip was on Christmas 1969, got sent to Saigon Vietnam……one long trip……..

  13. Dennis Baldwin Says:

    We traveled from Florida to Rwanda Africa for Christmas two years ago, our kids lived there.

  14. willowmorningsky Says:

    Germany! One time I took my two kids and went to Ansbach, Germany, to spend Christmas with Relatives. What a wonderful, marvelous experience that was!!!

  15. William Brown Says:

    Just a few miles separate our family.

  16. Emma S Says:

    We travelled from Palm Springs CA to Brooklyn NY. Not sure what the mileage is, but it was a long drive, especially before Interstate highways

  17. Jim Sherman Says:

    About 1800 miles from Woodstock, VA to Harlingen, TX.

  18. Ron Jeka Says:

    Only 45 miles.

  19. steve moreno Says:

    I like to stay close to home, so about 40 miles ..

  20. steve moreno Says:

    I like to stay close to home., so about 40 miles.

  21. steve moreno Says:

    I like to stay close to home, so about 40 miles. .

  22. Don Baxley Says:

    Many trips from Sutter Creek, California to Hot Springs Arkansas, via route 66. Approx. 2400 miles in the dead of winter.

  23. Rick Kennedy Says:

    Istanbul, Turkey

  24. Sydney Anderson Says:

    100 miles one time but we usually stay close to home

  25. Greg Says:

    The farthest distance I’ve traveled for the Holidays is about 2,000 miles: from California to Wisconsin.

  26. Gianna Says:

    From my bedroom to around the house and outside!!!!!!!

  27. Zoe Becher Says:

    We always stay at home!

  28. Donelle Rogers Says:

    I have been to every state except alaska and hawaii. I have been to every canadian province. But the farthest I have ever traveled was from california to tenesee.what made it the farthest was the distance of my mothers heart to her families heart. She was running away from a very abusive male, my biological father. She was told to go back to california where she belonged. She was born there. It was en entire world away. Sad.

  29. Ronica Hesbon Says:

    As a child I live in Maywood CA & my mom wanted to go back to Ontario Canada to visit her mom & she had to take me with her because i was so young.

  30. Walt Says:

    2,900 miles from San Francisco to New Jersey.

  31. jdown55 Says:

    just from Nashville TN to northwestern Alabama only about 2 hours not very far at all

  32. jdown55 Says:

    only from Nashville TN to northwestern Alabama only about 2 hrs

  33. Elizabeth (@GoudaCheese007) Says:

    We drove from Texas to San Fransico!! It was super far, but we went to see family!! So it was worth it!!

  34. Tom Blackwell Says:

    A trip by car to Los Angeles from Dallas

  35. Mickey Redus Says:

    I remember occasional, long trips to spend holidays with relatives. As an adult, I’ve learned that “long” can be measured in ways other than hours. These trips were a treat, as we did things that we didn’t normally do, like eat in restaurants, stay up late and play “car games”. One of my fond memories of these trips was getting to hear different radio programs. I always hoped we could find “Mystery Theater of the Air”. To this day, I still love radio drama, books on tape and of course, “Coast to Coast”. I’ve also learned that how you spend the time you’re given, not the hours spent or the miles travelled, determines the quality of the holiday and the flavor of the memories.

  36. abheraj jaswal Says:

    when i got my first job, i plan to travel to europe by polish air lines[lot] it took 8 to 9 hrs to touch warsaw in early morning, flight via dubai[uae] burgas in bulgaria and finally to land at warsaw in poland, its around 7000 thousand km from new delhi to warsaw.

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