C. Crane’s 30 Year Anniversary- 30 Days of Giveaways, Day 9!

Congratulations to Ronald for winning the CC Solar Observer Radio and Tom Cox winner of the CC Sun’s Dusk LED Light Bulb!

Today’s giveaways are the Senta Ally Bluethooth™ Speaker and Power Vivid BR20 LED Light Bulb Cool White. For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog

Today’s blog topic: What were your first thoughts, 12 years ago today, when the twin towers and Pentagon were struck? The winners will be selected by random draw and will be announced tomorrow morning.

Senta Ally Bluetooth­™ Speaker & Power Vivid BR20 LED Light Bulb

Senta Ally Bluetooth­™ Speaker & Power Vivid BR20 LED Light Bulb

60 Responses to “C. Crane’s 30 Year Anniversary- 30 Days of Giveaways, Day 9!”

  1. Gene Anderson Says:

    Where will this end? How much more is going to happen?

  2. taschen Says:

    I remember it was a rare morning that I got to sleep late, so I did, only to be awakened by the sound and vibration of many military aircraft flying above my house. I lived at that time between an army base, a naval station, and an air force base, so seeing these things was not uncommon. I woke up and went outside to watch the show. It was much later after I came in, ate breakfast, and took a shower that I turned on the tv and saw what was really happening. I remember seeing it and immediately wishing I hadn’t turned on the tv or radio.

  3. Frank Rowland Says:

    I was driving and almost went into a ditch. I thought it was a sick joke but realized it was NPR. I was not sure when to take my next breath.

  4. Fred Says:

    A sense of wonder at what would be our response, and to whom would that response be directed.

  5. Mike Buttry Says:

    “Who and Why would do such a thing.” Later we found out.

  6. Charles Peterson Says:

    With the first plane I thought it was an accident. When the second plane hit I was in disbelief – I thought the whole thing was a mistake, or that I was dreaming. I was in complete disbelief for hours-hearing, watching, but still not comprehending what was going on. Then a cyclone of fear, anger…all the emotions.

    I’m still angry to this day.

  7. Marc Says:

    How thoughtless and heartless the attackers were–no regard at all for the loved ones of the victims!

  8. Ed Fitt Says:

    I was at work sitting in my car listening to the news radio station (WCBS, in New York) when the traffic helicopter reporter said that he heard radio transmissions to the effect that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center buildings. I invisioned a small private plane had gone astray somehow. Minutes later when he reported an airliner had hit the second tower, l knew that the two acts were intentional, and I simply wondered what kind of demented people would do such a terrible thing.

  9. jkurvy Says:

    As the details became more clear, I had great sadness that the world would see another multi-country war.

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