The first Friday of every month we will be featuring a new podcast that we’re listening to here at C. Crane. Our hopes are that we expose you to something new that you may have not heard of before and something you may enjoy.

What we’re listening to — The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

If you’re tired of debate and posturing, here’s someone who’s so down to earth, tongue and cheek, and actually talking about things that matter, but even more importantly – doing something and giving you a way to do something too!

You may recognize the name Mike Rowe from the show he hosted Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel. His podcast is 10 minutes and it’s kind of a Paul Harvey “rest of the story” about a real person, place or thing with a little twist. You can listen directly on the link below, or subscribe and listen through iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher.

A shameless ad for his podcast.

Mike is also great in other ways. He has a Facebook show Returning the Favor where he travels across the United States in search of people who are giving back to their communities. At the end of each episode, those being profiled get surprised with a reveal that allows them to do even more of whatever kind of good work they are doing.

Here’s something that might resonate with some of you Video of Mike Rowe exposing the scam of college and student loans. We’re not looking to debate whether education is important, we believe in education but we also believe in fiscal responsibility and we believe that hard work is important and college isn’t necessarily for everyone (especially if it means being burdened with a debt you could never repay). ​​​​​​​

He has a great foundation too, Mike Rowe Works Foundation to help support folks who want to go into skilled trades and labor.

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