What we’re listening to — The Michael Harrison Interview

Michael Harrison interviews some of today’s top contemporary thinkers in every realm of conversation. He talks arts, science, politics, philosophy and pop culture. He provides unique insights every week and thought provoking content.

A master interviewer and industry insider – We’ve been friends with Michael for over 20 years. We met originally at an early Talker’s Magazine Talk Radio Event in New York City in 1999. He along with very few others know what makes radio tick. He has an amazing gift to traverse and bring together diverse groups of talent and present varying sides of a topic. It’s rare to find someone who can moderate  discussions and debates with opposing opinions without judgment and keep it on an intelligent trajectory.

Some of his recent guests and topics

Legendary radio programmer John Sebastian about the tendency of today’s music stations to underserve the large baby boomer population.

Progressive radio talk show host and longtime liberal media commentator Bill Press about the state of talk media and his view of the 2020 presidential election.

Legendary radio programming executive and consultant Mike McVay about the state of modern audio media in the digital era.

World famous conspiracy theorist David Icke about censorship, freedom of speech and the battle for control of the “official” narrative by the alleged hidden powers behind the powers-that-be.

Lee Habeeb, host and producer of the syndicated radio program “Our American Stories,” which places a heavy emphasis on the role and value of story-telling in today’s spoken word media.

Michael founded Talkers Magazine in 1990 and continues to serve as its publisher. He has a 45 year career as a broadcaster and trade publisher and is an avid defender of free speech in America. You won’t find a greater advocate for radio and free speech.

Michael has also added a new show to his repertoire – The Michael Harrison Wrap – Washington’s WONK-FM

He takes the top 10 most talked about topics on talk radio and boils them down and presents both sides of the political coin by interviewing prominent industry leaders.