She loved you first and now it’s your turn to let her know how much you appreciate her. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we know how hard it can be to find something that is not only meaningful but also actually gets used.

Below are our top picks for this year:
CCRadio-2E – Perfect for your Mom who loves radio, needs stronger reception and better voice clarity. Your mom will know she’s appreciated with our top of the line radio. Available in black or titanium.

If your mom can wait, the CCradio-EP Pro is due to arrive any day and was literally made with a Mom in mind (Bob Crane’s Mom to be exact). Designed for moms who don’t want all the bells and whistles but want great reception and audio.

Maybe your mom is more into listening to music – the Senta Ally Bluetooth Portable Speaker is a great find. She can listen to music (or any app) of her choice through her smartphone or tablet.

Last but certainly not least, our new amplified pillow speaker. Perhaps your mom has developed a little difficulty hearing using regular earbuds, headphones or the built-in speakers now in many devices. The amplified pillow speaker is an excellent option for overcoming the low volume issues of new devices. She can listen to her favorite movie, podcast or audiobook at a volume that works for her without disturbing the whole house.

If you’re not sure which one is right for your mom, contact us! We’re happy to help you make the best selection.

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