Throwing a Party This Holiday Season?

If you’re throwing a party this holiday, C. Crane has some products for you! Whether it’s your annual Halloween Spookfest, a Thanksgiving Feast, or National Lampoon’s Christmas – we’ve got you covered.

The Senta Ally Bluetooth Speaker is a great addition to any party. Load up your favorite Pandora station or your playlist and you’re ready to go. The music will fill a medium sized room though it’s small enough to sit on a shelf out of the way.

If you have a more specific audio preference, we have the AEGO Speaker System which offers amazing sound for the money.  It even comes with a remote so you can control what is heard and when you hear it.

The FM Transmitter comes in particularly handy, especially if you want to send ghoulish sounds or great music around your home. Setup a handful of FM Radios in strategic places and let the good times roll!

And last but certainly not least, the small, indispensable Power Vivid LED flashlight. This is the go to flashlight for all your party needs. Don’t get stuck using your phone’s flashlight, this little guy is so much better and doesn’t drain your phone battery! Great for trick or treating or as a stocking stuffer.

What parties are you planning this season? Tell us in the comments and be entered to win two Power Vivid LED pocket flashlights. Drawing will be October 27th. Please only one entry per person.

8 Responses to “Throwing a Party This Holiday Season?”

  1. William Says:

    My daughter’s birthday party.

  2. harold Says:

    We will be throwing a party just because we haven’t been to a party lately 1

  3. Elaine Garfield Says:

    yes, a small intimate one or two or maybe a few, you never can tell

  4. boyd Says:

    Celebrate 30 years CLEAN!!!!!!

  5. Norm Mest Says:

    We always have a great Christmas Eve family get together…remembering the reason for the season & all the kids so excited !

  6. tinny Says:

    I am planning a tea party! Finger foods potluck. Crafts, food, tea, live piano music, fun!

  7. Steven S. Paul Says:

    A party sounds like fun. Nothing planned at the moment.

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