How To Get Your Groove On

Senta_Ally-0901While the long daylight hours of summer give us a chance to enjoy the outdoors, many people use that opportunity to tackle those outside chores that just can’t be accomplished during the other wet, cold seasons. Music, news, audio books, or talk programs can make those monotonous tasks like mowing, weeding, painting, or cleaning seem to go much faster. And a lot of research has been done that support what most folks already know from experience; listening to music relieves anxiety and improves your mood.

Earbuds are good for listening during some activities, but the wires tend to get tangled up in gloves, tools, and handles while gardening or working in the garage. And while smart phones, tablets, and notebooks offer access to your favorite music streams, audio books or podcasts, the audio from those small built-in speakers usually leaves a lot to be desired for voice and lyric quality.

The Senta Ally Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is a great solution that gives you crisp, full range stereo sound with bass performance. It is unique from similar models because of the varied ways you can connect to your audio source: USB, SD card, auxiliary input through a 1/8” jack, or paired with a Bluetooth enabled device. It is small enough to sit on a window sill, and would easily fit in a work cart. The 6-8 hour battery life means you will probably be done with your chores before requiring a recharge!

Don’t miss out on getting audio clarity when you are taking care of those summer jobs around the house and yard. And when you are done, use the Senta Ally while lounging out on the deck or entertaining. This speaker is loud enough to fill the area with rich audio that everyone can enjoy.

Tell us your favorite “Summer Song” in the comments and you will be entered into the drawing for a FREE Senta Ally! One entry per person. Drawing will be held July 8th.

Congratulations to winner l w c!

12 Responses to “How To Get Your Groove On”

  1. Chuck Mound Says:

    Summertime in England by Van Morrison

  2. Marv Gibson Says:

    “All Summer Long” by The Beach Boys, of course…

  3. hubenak Says:

    Summertime by Janis

  4. Rosario Guzzi Says:

    The Summer Wind by the late Frank Sinatra

  5. RICK NADEAU Says:


  6. Northe Osbrink Says:

    Summertime, Summertime — The Jamies (1958)

  7. gwbrown9 Says:

    Summertime, Lewis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald, from Porgy and Bess.

  8. John Fullerton Says:

    Summertime, Summertime by The Jamies

  9. mark d. antonino Says:

    sugar magnolia by the grateful dead

    • Rosario Guzzi Says:

      IF you can be distracted from those outdoor chores involving tools or machinery safely, then bring the lemonade and an
      audio of what Broadway does best. Nothing like a musical extravaganza of sound and a plethora of resurrected memory!
      I age myself here, but it’ll be West Side Story, Cabaret or Victor Victoria.

  10. Bert Flower Says:

    Tiny, Weeny, Bakini yes that is a golden oledy and yes my ear need good sound cuase their old too :- ))

  11. l w c Says:

    My all-time favorite summer tune is “Born To Be Wild”, the intro to the classic film “Easy Rider”.

    Did I just give away my age ?

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