Spring is Here!


SugarLoaf – Petrolia, CA. Photo courtesy Colton Stokesberry

Well, at least in Northern California it is. The daffodils and tulips have been blooming and now the Rhododendrons are here. With all the rain this past winter things are looking more beautiful than ever. We are so fortunate and blessed to live where we do. We swear we aren’t trying to rub it into our friends in the Midwest and the South that have been battling late winter storms that include snow, flash floods and even fires possibly caused by lightening.

With Spring in the air, household projects ensue. Yard work, windows, cleaning out closets or even more ambitious projects like new flooring or decking– you name it – the honey-do list is getting long! One thing that can make any project more enjoyable and go by faster, is good audio. Listening to your favorite music like Bob’s good old old rock and roll from Russia, your favorite radio show or even audio books or podcasts will make the time fly by and studies have shown music can improve your mood and make you more productive.

Several of us here at C. Crane have preferences but the Senta Ally always comes out near the top because of its versatility. Great for listening to Pandora or MLB through Bluetooth from your smartphone. Listen to your playlist or downloaded podcasts on your iPod or even an SD Card. If the whole house doesn’t want to listen to your choices (we think you should barter for help, but in the event that isn’t an option…..) we have great earbud and headphone choices. Get that book you’ve been wanting to read off your list and have a beautiful yard at the same time! And of course, the faithful stand by – a good radio. We even have a kit for people who need some noise reduction.

What’s on your honey-do list and are you listening while you work? If yes, what do you listen to? Enter your answer in the comments to win your choice of the Senta Ally or Senta Wooden Headphones. Winner will be drawn on May 5th. Limit one entry per person.

Congratulations to winner Wanda Welsh! Thank you for participating in our blog post Spring is Here!

32 Responses to “Spring is Here!”

  1. Dennis Whitehead Says:

    Planting the vegetable garden. No not listening to anything.

  2. Kelly Mills Says:

    It’s motorcycle season and I like to listen to college radio over the Internet while doing maintenance on the bike. Using the Tune In radio app with a Witeless speaker is what I like to use. Radio stations like WKNC, KUCI, WSBF and CJSW are at the top of my list.

  3. Chuck mound Says:

    Tilling the garden and a whole season of cutting 1+ acres of lawn. Baseball and NPR.

  4. James Milholland Says:

    Spring comes early in Atlanta, and so does summer heat. This time of year you must get your garden in order, because new plantings must be established before the hot weather sets in. For optimal results, things must be in the ground by April 15. So my list is mostly digging holes, something I actually do pretty well. I listen to sports talk while I work. As I write this, the Braves are within minutes of becoming 0-6 for the new baseball season. So tomorrow, wile planting even azaleas, I will listen to the various views about how the Braves are digging a hole, a big one.

  5. workinggodsplan Says:

    Glad to hear Spring is somewhere!…..send it on up to the Great State of Maine…where we’re listening to Rush Limbaugh, the Red Sox, and Coast to Coast AM….

    Any new hi-tech products released this year?

  6. Carl Brigiotta Says:

    Talk Radio,NPR and Rock music.

  7. Ed Pudlo Says:

    Gardening was my choice as well. Seems to be popular. I’ve tried it with headphones…mine has cords so they always get in the way! This would work much better.

  8. mark d. antonino Says:

    waterproofing and cleaning the deck. yes,lsten to talk radio…

  9. Wanda Welsh Says:

    I love talk radio, npr and a wide variety of music…right now I’m loving the country A Cappella group Home ‘Free’.

  10. Carolyn Womack Says:

    I listen to ham radio traffic nets all day, DTTN, 7290, Region 5 net, and CAN (Mon., Wed., & Fri.). KC5OZT

  11. Frank Brucker Says:

    Larry Elder, Coast to Coast am, 650 AM Nashville and Jim Quinn on WCNS Latrobe PA

  12. Peter B Says:

    Conyers Old TIme Radio,ATOS Radio and dozens more!

  13. Frank Pharr Says:

    I enjoy listening to a variety of things, but for most of my music listening, I listen to Austin’s KOKE-FM. It’s down to earth, Texas country music.

  14. Darryl Sledge Says:

    I listen to Mark Levin , Moody Bible radio, Pastor Damion Kyle, and Kim Komando on my C.C. Crane Radio’s, which are by far the best quality radios that anyone can own. I’m a very proud C.C. Crane owner.

  15. David M. Vancouver, WA Says:

    Listening to: Portland Trailblazers, in the Playoffs! Go Blazers!
    Jim Rome Show, Coast to Coast, but miss Art Bell!
    Clive Davis, 1190 KEX and K103 in PDX, & Broadcastify….
    KISN / Good Guy Radio, 🙂 , my favorite station since the 1960’s….

  16. David Tapp Says:

    I enjoy talk radio, golden oldies and the occasional ham band. My listening problem is that where I live talk radio is difficult to receive, especially at night. Guess I’ll have to buy a good CCrane radio!

  17. Don Brasaemle Says:

    I like Talk, middle of the road Oldies, country, and some of the new stuff while I’m mowing, tilling and general picking up. I love growing things and good listening.

  18. Sam B Says:

    Cleaning up the closets has been on my list for the past 5 weeks! Yes, I listen to country music whenever I need to get something done…..it helps me zone out and focus on the task at hand.

  19. Bhako Says:

    Sprucing up my kitchen garden. I have my radio with me almost all the time so I just tune in to whatever music program is on- never been picky about my music 😉

  20. Smitha Says:

    Fixing the backyard fence is on my list. I like spiritual music as it’s uplifting and always cheers me up.

  21. RB303 Says:

    My wife has been after me to clear up the garage. So yeah that’s what on my list- and sure I like to listen to jazz whenever I need to work on something I don’t especially like. It kinda takes the bite away. LOL!

  22. Bobby101 Says:

    I plan to xeriscape my yard before Texas summers kick in. Yes my trusty CCRadio is with me when I work outdoors. I usually listen to plain old country music.

  23. PreityZ1 Says:

    I am an avid biker and polishing my black beast to a shiny finesse is almost always on my to-do list. I love listening to punk whenever I sweat it out to make my ride look better than ever.

  24. Sona21 Says:

    I plan to clean up my garage asap- get proper shelves and racks to store everything properly and use the space better. I love music and usually have it playing loud when I work. Most of the time I tune in to golden oldies….nothing like Presley crooning to lift your spirits!

  25. John Mansolf Says:

    late night with talk radio..

  26. Rhea30 Says:

    These days I’m working on my garden. I recently lost my brother- so whenever I am alone I play his fave playlist on my phone and try to feel him close by. I miss him!

  27. MannyD Says:

    I’m building a tool shed to store all my and my Dad’s tool kits. Yes we love country music so that’s what blaring on the radio when me and Dad sweat it out.

  28. Sherry Says:

    I love to redecorate and these days I am working on a bench for my entry way. I found it in a flea market and now I’m touching it up to give it a personality. Sure- I love to have music give me company. For me its all the peppy zingy numbers- Single ladies is on the top of the list! 😉

  29. DKumar Says:

    I need to re-organize my closets. Almost everything is out of its place it seems. Yes this weekend is when it gets done! 🙂 And of course I listen to an audio book when I’m working on something mindless yet time-consuming.

  30. Sue Garcia Says:

    My honey-do is a honey-let’s-don’t, as in we don’t do any more yard work!. We go motorcycle riding instead, every single weekend and I love my rock n’ roll music. When we’re on the road and we pause to take a break, my CC Witness Plus plugged into the ALLY is awesome! Also, the ALLY fits into our saddle bags just fine. The CC Witness Plus never leaves my person though, I always have an earbud tucked in one ear!!

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