C. Crane 12 Days of Christmas

12 days of Christmas

December 16th, 2015 Winner:

Congratulations to Connolly, winner of the CC LED Spot XB Spotlight
Thank you All for participating in this year’s C. Crane 12 Days of Christmas!

Happy Holidays! Love the C. Crane Family

7 Responses to “C. Crane 12 Days of Christmas”

  1. DanC Says:

    Thank you for letting us play the 12 days of Christmas again this year, always appreciate a chance to win cool stuff! Merry Christmas!

  2. Marv Gibson Says:

    Happy Holidays to the C. Crain Family and thanks for your great products and generosity!
    VTY, Marv

  3. scott gogin Says:

    Thank you C.Crain! I have told everybody I meet about the Unique and Wonderful products you create… My next purchase will be a Web Radio so I can listen to ART BELL the greatest Radio show host ever! He talks about you all the time , Thanks for your support of him over the years. He is the reason I know of you (and so much, much more!)

  4. matt sisak Says:

    Merry Christmas

  5. Kay Hettich Says:

    I didn’t win anything, but your sharing was a special touch to the Christmas season. Thanks!

  6. David R Says:

    A very merry Christmas to a great bunch of people. Happy Holidays!

  7. Greg Says:

    Thank you for such a fun way to celebrate the coming of Christmas. I love the C. Crane products. May all the employees of C. Crane have a wonderful Christmas season!

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