C. Crane 12 Days of Christmas

12 days of Christmas

December 16th, 2015- Day 12:

Congratulations to William Apple, winner of the Unity Plus LED Flashlight

Today’s giveaway: CC LED Spot XB Spotlight.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog question.

Today’s blog question: What is the best gift you’re gifting someone? And what are you asking for this Christmas?

The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person. Shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. Good luck and thanks for participating!

45 Responses to “C. Crane 12 Days of Christmas”

  1. psteckler Says:

    I’m supporting my public radio station with a gift, which benefits many people. To receive, it would be nice if someone gave me another shortwave radio to add to my collection, say a CCrane Skywave!

  2. scott gogin Says:

    For aches and pains I am planning on a heating/massager for a chair for dad… …I cant think to want anything as I have all I need… …maybe that we are all together for the holiday!

  3. rt butz Says:

    fruitcake 🙂

  4. Robert Confer Says:

    The best gift I’m giving is a drum set to my best friend’s 4 year old son. As far as a gift that I want, without a doubt the CC WiFi Radio!

  5. Paul Matthew Jr Says:

    Air line tickets for my daughter and granddaughter to fly from Michigan to Florida and back to be with us for Christmas and New Years.

  6. Paul Seaburn Says:

    Making a big ethnic dinner for the family is my gift. Any book I don’t have is always a perfect gift for me.

  7. Kelly Mills Says:

    Time off from work to be with my family for two weeks! I’d like to get a CC Radio 🙂

  8. Land StClair Says:

    I am gifting my grandson a monthly gift subscription for fishing tackle. All I wish for this Christmas is fo rmy family to be happy and healthy…..but money for a vacation wouldn’t hurt.

  9. Frank Davis Says:

    A Dell laptop for my son and of course a C. Crane AM/FM/2 Meter Band Radio for me…

  10. Marv Gibson Says:

    My wife and I had a new house built & just moved in a couple weeks ago, so neither of us is giving or wanting ANYTHING this year…

  11. Bill Persinger Says:

    The best gift to give is a 70 year old female that me and my wife and 7 year old son are giving a basket and box of goodies for this will be the only Christmas present she gets this year. My gift is her smile.we do this every year and it’s called Christmas Adam different families are chosen and you get to pic who you like to give a gift

  12. Chuck mound Says:

    I started woodcarving when I retired and I carved some snowmen for my wife and daughter -in -law this year. I put out several sting hint about a couple of radio ideas and my son usually covers the acquisition of my wife’s gifts to me ….. So it usually works out just fine.

  13. Jim Milholland Says:

    Best gift – antique pen tray with a design and maker that I know my wife will like
    What I’m getting – phone case so I won’t crack the screen on my smart phone again

  14. mark antonino Says:

    my time….i do not want or need anything

  15. DanC Says:

    My big request for myself this year is an infrared thermometer, yup, real exciting stuff. Merry Christmas

  16. Susan Connolly Says:

    Giving my Goddaughter a hand made wizard of Oz purse. Asking for a gift card too a fabric store because you can never have too much fabric!

  17. matt sisak Says:

    TV Shoes

  18. Sharad V Says:

    Getting a Cash card for a friend whose car’s windshield needs a replacement. I’m asking for a donation to charity this year!

  19. Jim Sherman Says:

    I bought my wife a new mp3 player. She really enjoyed her old one but it quit working.

  20. steven j cherrone Says:

    ok the best gift im giveing is respect to my fellow humans.the gift i would likw to receave is a western style, 22 caliber pistol cuz i love them.

  21. Sharon Deters Says:

    I make homemade jerky and fruit cake for our four grown children and for my self an immersion blender, I already have a CC radio that I listen to all the time, no TV for me.

  22. Janis Parks Says:

    Best gift given: A book on Irish ancient art. What I want: Another Sheltie puppy (I won’t get it)

  23. Gene Connor Says:

    I am giving some books for gifts and since I am a woodworker I enjoy receiving any kind of tools.

  24. Dennis Wills Says:

    The best gift I’m giving is a personal letter to a dieing old friend of mine telling him why he meant so much to my wife and me this past 46 years.

    I’m asking for God’s continued blessings.

  25. Bobbie Howard Says:

    I usually give small cash tips to a couple of the people who do jobs for me year-round. And I like to buy a bunch of groceries for food banks too. What I’d like is a Tesla S but …
    I’d also like to know if I’m doing this “posting” thing correctly.

  26. Soni Says:

    Best gift I’m giving is the donation to flood relief in India. I’m not expecting any gift in particular. Maybe Santa will surprise me 🙂

  27. SKu3865 Says:

    This year I’ll be taking off days from work -from 20-31 of Dec- That’s my gift of time to my family. As for me I’m expecting them to have fun as a family as the best gift I could get

  28. Bhaku Says:

    I’m gifting a box full of Lego toys our local toy drive and am expecting a Fitbit as a gift.

  29. VO981 Says:

    I’m gifting an iPad to my employee’s son who scored great in spelling bee this past year. I’m not really expecting any gifts for myself

  30. AB21 Says:

    I’m buying a massage chair for my parents-hope they like it! As for a gift for myself I just bought myself a fitbit gadget.

  31. Obri Says:

    I bought some food in bulk for the food bank based on what they might need. As a gift for me- I think the feeling of being useful to others warms my heart more than any gift ever could

  32. BA321 Says:

    I just sponsored a scholarship for one of my colleague’s neighbor’s son. They are going through hard times and I felt it would be nice to help them out although I don’t know them directly. My wife usually bakes me one of my favorite apple pies for christmas- Best gift ever! 🙂

  33. SV3212 Says:

    I’m giving big 2 lb tins of cookies as gifts and wouldn’t complain if I got something similar in return.

  34. OV65 Says:

    I’m gifting some toys to the Salvation Army toy drive in the hopes that they add joy to some kids’ holidays. My daughter always knits or crochets me something. That is the best gift I receive all year.

  35. tech1943 Says:

    I got a toilet seat

  36. OS212 Says:

    Home made fudge is my annual gift to all my nears and dears. I usually wait for my sister-in laws oatmeal raisin cookies- they are my favorite gift for the holidays!

  37. Suman Says:

    I’m knitting hats and gloves for my church’s donation drive. I’m hoping I get a small 1 cup tea kettle as a gift.

  38. Terry Story Says:

    I am long past the time when I would ask for anything for Christmas since I have most everything that I need within reason and there is little other than perhaps cookies or something similar, and as far as giving, I have decided that it is best to just give my kids money and let them use it in whatever way they wish. That does not extend to a Christmas pot luck sort of meal however, we get ham and turkey and a bunch of the “fixins” to go with it and set them out for them all to snack on as they wish whenever they are hungry.

  39. D randall Says:

    I have not shopped yet, wait, how may shopping days until Christmas? Yikes!

  40. William Brown Says:

    We’re just giving cash this year because that’s what they want.

  41. Kay Hettich Says:

    The best gift I’m giving is an REI Gift Card, one with an outdoor picture that says, “Not for indoor use.” I offered to buy the person a CCrane radio, but he said he would rather pick his own item. I wanted a fully waterproof watch. Of couse, amazon already helped out a little early with pre-season sales.

  42. O-B-1 Says:

    An R/C helicopter! The gift that I am asking for Christmas is headphones!

  43. Gigi B. Says:

    A scarf that I knitted for my sister! What I want to get for Christmas is a kindle fire!!!

  44. Claire Kane Says:

    I’m gifting my daughter and son-in-law a Berkey water filter, for me a trade magazine.

  45. hubenak Says:

    I’m treating my brother and my friends to Star Wars tickets. I also received an awesome SW gift.

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