Watching scary movies, over indulging in Halloween candy, finding the perfect costume – all hallmarks of Halloween. But the things that let your imagination get the best of you, those are the things that make you afraid to turn off the lights. Sometimes it’s a good book, or a radio show that leaves everything to your over active imagination. You know it’s happened when you’re turning on every light in the house and you believe that the cupboard doors are now opening on their own because you are certain that you closed them last night. If you’re ready for your imagination (or that of others) to take you away, get ready to listen in. There are several radio hosts who are hosting Halloween specials and you aren’t going to want to miss out.

DEAD AIR! Art Bell wants your scary story! Send in your scary story and he will read the most interesting ones on air, and if he likes yours best, you will receive a call from Art during his show on 10/30 to discuss your experience live. Art Bell –

George Noory hosts our traditional “Ghost to Ghost” show, where callers share tales of ghostly encounters and contact with the afterlife. In the first hour, leading expert on the paranormal, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, will discuss Black Mirrors crying, and how this technique is used to contact the dead –