Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Spooky Halloween

Halloween is Almost Here

If the real world isn’t scary enough, there are plenty of shows that are willing to help spook you into staying awake all night.

Coast to Coast will offer their legendary Ghost to Ghost show, you can view some archives here

NPR has some Halloween tricks and audio treats we love that folks are even gathering playlists so you can make your haunted house or Halloween party complete!

If you want some nostalgia, this is a great post with 31 scary old time radio episodes for Halloween.

If you’re looking to try something new, we’ve found a couple things for you to try:

The Nosleep Podcast  comes with this warning:  This is a horror fiction podcast. It is intended for mature adults, not the faint of heart. Join us at your own risk.

The Black Tapes Podcast is a serialized docudrama about one journalist’s search for truth and paranormal activity.

Let us know how you will be spending your Halloween and you’ll be entered to win a Unity Plus LED Flashlight to help you see in the dark.

Do you have a party or go to one? Take the kids or grand kids trick or treating? Listen to spooky radio or watch scary movies? Tell us in the comments below. One entry per person please. 3 winners will be chosen on November 2nd.

Memorial Day


We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude and respect for all of the service men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. An important part of that includes our freedom of speech, which directly affects what you are allowed to hear on the radio. The differing points of view and the varied content should not be taken for granted. This is very different than what you find in countries where freedom of speech does not exist. So this Memorial weekend when you’re listening to the radio, take a minute to reflect on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country.

There are many Memorial Day specific programs taking place around the country. You can listen on your terrestrial radio if you are nearby the station, or you can listen on a WiFi radio or online.

WUTC 88.1 FM, the NPR affiliate in Chattanooga, has created a military-themed radio program to air Memorial Day weekend on the American Forces Network. AFN serves more than 400,000 American service men and women, Department of Defense civilians and their families stationed at bases and American Embassies and Consulates in 175 countries and 200 U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command ships at sea.

Listen to old time radio shows  or radio echoes which include historic speeches and recordings as well as parades and other patriotic remembrances.

There’s even a special broadcast for the outdoorsmen.

Whatever your plans, we hope that you enjoy the long weekend. Let us know how you plan to spend Memorial Weekend and if you listen to the radio, let us know what you will be listening to.


Too Afraid to Turn Off the Lights

Watching scary movies, over indulging in Halloween candy, finding the perfect costume – all hallmarks of Halloween. But the things that let your imagination get the best of you, those are the things that make you afraid to turn off the lights. Sometimes it’s a good book, or a radio show that leaves everything to your over active imagination. You know it’s happened when you’re turning on every light in the house and you believe that the cupboard doors are now opening on their own because you are certain that you closed them last night. If you’re ready for your imagination (or that of others) to take you away, get ready to listen in. There are several radio hosts who are hosting Halloween specials and you aren’t going to want to miss out.

DEAD AIR! Art Bell wants your scary story! Send in your scary story and he will read the most interesting ones on air, and if he likes yours best, you will receive a call from Art during his show on 10/30 to discuss your experience live. Art Bell –

George Noory hosts our traditional “Ghost to Ghost” show, where callers share tales of ghostly encounters and contact with the afterlife. In the first hour, leading expert on the paranormal, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, will discuss Black Mirrors crying, and how this technique is used to contact the dead –

Santa Claus Loves Radio

Christmas RadioChristmas isn’t just a time for gift giving, family and food, it’s also one of the best times for radio! Holiday music, Old Time Radio and traditional tales will fill a room with Christmas cheer quicker than the smell of fresh baked cookies. I can’t think of a better way to spend time with my family then turning off the TV and tuning in the radio, while enjoying my favorite hot drink by the fire.

Old Saint Nick even plays an important role in radio.  Without radio waves and satellites, we may not be able to track Santa Claus!

Many volunteers spend their precious time to track Santa through satellites. For over 50 years, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has tracked Santa’s flight and made it public. It all started in 1955; Sears Roebuck & Co misprinted an advertisement for the telephone number to phone Santa Claus. Instead of reaching Mr. Claus, the number went to CONAD (Continental Air Defense Command). The Director of Operations sent his staff to check the satellite radar for signs of Santa making his way south of the North Pole. Kids who called were given updates on his location, and so the tradition was born. Three years later, the US and Canada created the Bi-National Air Defense Command for North America (NORAD) to track Santa. The satellites sense heat. Rudolph’s nose gives off that same heat sense, so the satellites detect Rudolph’s bright red nose with no problem. Check out Santa’s tracker for yourself.

Santa Claus almost always makes a radio appearance during the holidays by taking calls from children, live on air. He takes last minute gift requests and can tell who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. This year WXAV Radio out of Chicago will host Santa’s phone call. People call in with their kids or grandkids to WXAV 88.3 FM December 23rd from 6-8 pm central time to talk with Santa himself. You can listen to those special callers and Jolly Saint Nick himself through their live stream.

With so many Christmas tunes available, you are bound to find something that melts your heart whether you listen to your regular analog radio or internet radio. You will find TuneIn Internet Radio has a plethora of stations like “An Old Time Radio Christmas” on WDAV or “Music Box Christmas”. Check your local stations for Christmas music or specials too.

Radio plays an important role year round and here at C. Crane we’d like to think we have a hand with that too, even if it means making the actual radios. The C. Crane Family would like to wish everyone a very joyous and safe Merry Christmas!

If you have a radio related Christmas story or Santa sighting please share it in a comment below.

These are some fun sites to check out.

Thanksgiving and Radio

The smell of turkey baking, pumpkin pie cooling and the faint sound of holiday jingles; that’s my idea of a Thanksgiving Day tradition. We all have our personal Thanksgiving Day traditions. Radio has its traditions too.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh has an annual tradition known as “The Real Story of Thanksgiving”, in which he gives his interpretation of the Thanksgiving story on his show the day before Thanksgiving. To find Rush on a radio station near you go to

Football plays an important role in many homes on Thanksgiving Day. Games play almost all day long featuring coverage of NFL and even College ball. I’ve personally heard people say, “Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without a football game playing throughout the house”. Radio can have even more sports coverage than your television program, with highlights and play-by-plays from local hosts and announcers. Here’s a link to the NFL TV schedule since there are many licensing broadcast rights issues, you’ll want to check with your local radio station to see what’s being broadcast.

You can guarantee there will be at least one radio station that covers the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well; a New York City Tradition since 1942. The announcement of the Santa Claus float at the end is an unofficial sign that Christmas is here. Do you hear the ringing of sleigh bells?

Old Time Radio programs are in high demand this time of year too. Stories of Burns and Allen’s “Gracie Buys a Live Turkey” and Gunsmoke’s “Turkey Shoot” will hopefully bring back fond Thanksgiving Day memories and help create new ones. offers a variety of Old Time Radio programs, you’re invited to check them out.

Whatever your tradition, the C. Crane family wishes you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Flashback Friday- Old Time Radio

Do you remember listening to your favorite radio shows on a radio, like this one below, in the “good ol’ days”?

Old Time Radio shows still play an important role for many of us radio fans. Did you know that Old Time Radio shows are still available on Internet radio? Internet Radios host many stations that play a variety of OTR shows. The shows are available with perfect clarity and no interferences; it will bring you right back to the good ol’ days!
Would you listen to an Old Time Radio show on an Internet Radio?

For more information about internet radio click here:


Do you remember listening to your favorite radio shows on a radio just like this one in the “good ole’ days”?

Do you remember listening to your favorite radio shows on a radio just like this one in the “good ole’ days”?