25 Days Of Christmas

Congratulations to arc1111 winner of the CC Solar Observer.

Senta40 Wooden HeadphonesToday’s giveaway are the Senta-40 Wooden Headphones.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog.

Today’s blog question: What was your favorite Christmas present, ever?

The winners will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced tomorrow morning. Good Luck!

69 Responses to “25 Days Of Christmas”

  1. Gwendolyn R. Says:

    A new bike….decked out with a banana seat and basket. It was sweeeeet!!!!!

  2. Krybak Says:

    Beatles rock band. Both children and grown ups were rocking out

  3. Steve Rathnow Says:

    Two come to mind: my first bicycle, a 20 inch Davy Crockett model with training wheels, and an American Flyer train set. Many hours of fun with both of those.

  4. richard wiggins Says:

    I loved my erector sets

  5. suman Says:

    IPOD 60 GB,gifted by my son,and I had no idea even of how it looked/worked.

  6. anne Says:

    My mother had given me probably as teenager a set of glass perfume bottles with pink glass flowers inside. Unfortunately, I don’t have many memories of my childhood but I had a doll called “Clementine” as my mother always used to sing “O my darling Clementine..” to me. The doll was eventually unrecognizable in the face and hair so must have gotten a lot of use. Today I buy things at yard sales and non-profit rummage sales including some broken radios which I don’t know how to fix and never will! Since I forget half the time what I’ve bought, when I approach a box, it feels like a Christmas present (to myself) and it’s fun. Good question. I should think more about what I’ve been given and not what I don’t have! I bought myself a Crane EP this time so I can get more stations thanks to a friend who told me about your radios.

  7. Scott Goggin Says:

    it was always a quest to complete the action figure collection… then remembering it is about family …enjoy them while you got them!

  8. Jane r Says:

    The best gift was getting a Nintendo ds as a child

  9. Greg Becher Says:

    A jar of pickled herrings in cream sauce!

  10. James Says:

    My sister bought me a startrek movie set.

  11. Gianna Becher Says:

    A Box of Dunkers (a sort of Cookie that is most commonly had with milk) which I got from one of my sisters. And a camera that I got from my Mom and Dad.

  12. Roman Says:

    An awesome stop action how to book and a camera.

  13. jimmy allen Says:

    That would be my first bike

  14. Tom Says:

    A Star Trek toy when I was pretty young. What Mom and Dad went through for that is what I like most.

  15. Joey Simmonds Says:

    A Honda 50cc mini bike. We had so much fun with that bike.

  16. destiny Says:

    The year people were breaking limbs to get their kids cabbage patch kids my dad managed to get me one. I was so excited and I still have it. 🙂

  17. Ted Champagne Says:

    It’s a tossup between the electric train at age 4 and the ham radio station at age 16. They were both very special, for different reasons.

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