On the air?

Live and local or Nationalized?

There was a recent detailed blog post by Edison Research President Larry Rosin that discussed how programming strategies for American commercial radio is changing the face of radio. We know this isn’t news to you and we have experienced it as well. Many of you have told us about getting “news” that is from a town 2 hours a way or a metro area that has no relationship or knowledge of your town. Sometimes it is a format change from News Talk to News Information where there may still be local talent but they aren’t necessarily hosting a show. Other times it’s a full-fledged change where there is no or minimal local staff and that person has little to no influence on the success or failure of the station or what is being broadcast.

One of his points that is interesting, is will this be a boon to stations that actually keep and develop true live and local talent? Is that a selling point for advertisers? Is that a listener loyalty point – would you be more likely to listen to live local talent or do you prefer the syndication or is there a happy medium?