12 Days of Give Aways!

Today’s giveaway:
CC Solar Observer AM/FM/Weather Windup Emergency Radio

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s question.

Today’s question: Do you watch or listen to sports? If yes, which ones?

Congratulations Dave Westerhold winner of this day’s give away!

The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person, per day please. Shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. Good luck and thanks for participating!

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84 Responses to “12 Days of Give Aways!”

  1. richard t Says:

    nope, not any more….. especially through with the NFL, & NBA

  2. Dave Westerhold Says:

    No, not any more.

  3. NedLudd Says:

    This will keep your mobile charged and wake you for tornado alerts.
    Just the right gift for my sister in Tulsa!

  4. ridingonfumes Says:

    Baseball but usually only towards the end of the season

  5. Binkey Barney Says:

    I use to watch boxing – worked my way thru college as a prize fighter! My “ring name” was the “artist” cuz i spent so much time on the canvas.

  6. NedLudd Says:

    I listen to the radio, but not sports. I liked participating when I was able but watching others play games or listening to someone describing someone playing a game has never held my attention. The last baseball game I sat through was at Yankee Stadium when I was 13. It was a Sunday in May, Mickey Mantle hit his 500th home run. I like to listen to our local radio station, it was the first FM station in the West. They have local programming (as well as nationally broadcast shows like “Al things Considered”) – I like “Minds Over Matter” a live quiz show where callers try to stump the experts, and “Philosophy Talk” as well as “Le Show” with Harry Shearer and “Snap Judgement” – not sports but great radio all the same!

  7. Gene Connor Says:

    College football and MLB.

  8. Tom Blackwell Says:

    “Do you watch or listen to sports? If yes, which ones?”
    Football games. University of Texas. Dallas Cowboys.

  9. Mark Cromwell Says:

    Yes. Primarily college football and occasionally baseball.

  10. Chris Westad Says:

    I mostly listen to sports on the radio. Occasionally, I will have the TV on in another room to see something on replay, but listening allows me to be able to accomplish other tasks and chores while following the action. Mostly listen to baseball and football.

  11. bill apple Says:

    no, it’s always the same thing.

  12. Lars Sletten Says:

    Yes…Seattle Mariners,WSU COUGARSFootbsll

  13. William Brown Says:

    Baseball is my favorite!

  14. DanC Says:

    Not much, I listen to some college ball occasionally and watch the Super Bowl.

  15. Michael Says:


  16. RICK NADEAU Says:


  17. fqlevin Says:

    I watch and listen to motor racing and football and the winter olympics

  18. markotwo Says:

    both listen to and watch football,basketball,baseball,and boxing.

  19. Brooke Rose Says:

    I enjoy watching and listening ti baseball and football. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  20. Shelby O Says:

    Not very often but if I do it’s football

  21. Susan Connolly Says:

    Mom of 3 boys as well as having 5 brothers, so pretty much all sports, however my favorite is football. Go JETS!!

  22. Shelly B Says:

    Yes. Baseball

  23. Ann B Says:

    Yes I follow hockey

  24. Smith O Says:


  25. AB21 Says:

    NFL! 😊

  26. Sherry O Says:

    Yes. Ice hockey

  27. Louis Aloi Says:

    The Cleveland Indians games on the radio⚾Tom Hamilton is I think the best baseball radio play by play announcer the MLB has today.Is so good,even when games can be seen on TV I mute the TV’s volume and turn up the radios volume.📻Consider myself lucky we have this man right here in Cleveland.👍When i’m out & about during baseball season always carry my Skywave in case the Indians are gonna be on.

  28. SO11 Says:

    Not really. But I do have the sports radio Channel on in my car all the time for discussion and game summary

  29. SO11 Says:

    Just curious: will the winners be announced altogether at the end of the contest?

    • C. Crane Says:

      We’re working on getting caught up. We wait for the individuals to respond to make sure they’re “real” 🙂 and then we post them. Hopefully we’ll have responses up through day 7 today.

  30. Terri Says:

    I LOVE two sports. The most exciting two minutes in sports (The Kentucky Derby) and any sport the kiddos are participating in (through the years: MMA, Soccer, wrestling, cross country & track)

  31. Land StClair Says:

    My Daddy always had 2 radios on to listen to baseball…………..I loved it then…..not so much now….it might have been the time with my Dad that I loved…

  32. Robert McLeod Says:

    Yes, Baseball and Football

  33. Emily m Says:

    No but my husband watched football

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