12 Days of Give Aways!


Today’s giveaway:
Senta-40 Wooden Headphones with Carry Case & Detachable Fabric Cord

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s question.

Today’s question: What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Congratulations Susan Connolly on winning this day’s give away!

The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person, per day please. Shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. Good luck and thanks for participating!

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76 Responses to “12 Days of Give Aways!”

  1. George Senda Says:


  2. Travis Lloyd Says:

    Quaffing-down ice-cold beer on a nice, warm patio with my drinking buddies…

  3. richard t Says:


  4. Dave Westerhold Says:

    Hunting morel mushrooms in the Spring.

  5. Tom Stiles Says:


  6. Gene Connor Says:

    My favorite outdoor activity is walking. I walk 5 miles everyday.

  7. Dennis Whitehead Says:


  8. Anna Gough Says:

    Riding my bicycle.

  9. Eric Vieth Says:

    Swimming – just not now!

  10. Alexander Rabinovich Says:

    Blue water sailing

  11. laveryman Says:

    Playing Horseshoes. Nothing is more relaxing on a summer day.

  12. lwc Says:

    When the weather is nice, playing tennis is great fun.
    But when it turns cold, I’d rather not move.

  13. lwc Says:

    As long as it’s not freezing out, hitting the ball around the tennis court is great fun.

  14. Kerry X Murphy Says:


  15. Tim L Anderson Says:


  16. NedLudd Says:


  17. NedLudd Says:

    My favourite outdoor activity requires a bit of sun, a deck chair, and a good book.

  18. Tommie Bennett Says:

    Walking. I live in a rural part of Florida so there are no mountains to enjoy, but God has provided beauty in all of His nature creations, The birds, animals, trees (I lost a lot of these in hurricanes Matthew and Irma) – enjoy walking and looking.

  19. Emily Says:

    Sweet headphones!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  20. Emily m Says:


  21. Lars Sletten Says:


  22. Robert McLeod Says:

    Bike riding….

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