Keep Your Family Safe – Prepare Ahead of Time


Not many people are really prepared for a disaster, especially in areas where they aren’t common. Maybe folks in areas where there are regular hurricanes, tornadoes or winter storms that shut everything down have a good handle on being prepared or people like the Preppers, but the rest of us find it easy to slack on preparedness and then find ourselves scrambling when a real disaster strikes.

It’s easy to make a case for being prepared. Look around at all of the unexpected emergencies like the recent flooding in Louisiana and tornadoes in the Midwest. Emergencies don’t have to be only weather and naturally caused. In California, recent fires that destroyed entire communities have been attributed to arson. With record breaking temperatures across the US and people using electricity like crazy or an even more sinister possibility – an energy grid hack, our next disaster might be extended blackouts or there is the very real possibility of terrorism that continues to plague the entire world.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself to see how you fare on the preparedness scale:

  • What essential supplies do I need?
    If you are missing some, it might be time to re-think priorities since stores often sell out, are out of service, or have no way to process payments (even cash).
  • Do I have a written list of important phone numbers?
    If you answered no, then you have some work to do. An electronic list on your cell phone isn’t going to do you much good once the phone dies and the power is out.
  • Do you have any cash or would you need to go to the ATM?
    If you answered no to the cash and yes to the ATM then you need to stash some cash. ATMs go down and require power and banks are so automated now and reliant on computers, they often can’t even provide cash from the tellers if there isn’t any power.
  • Do you have copies of important documents stored safely somewhere else?
    As cumbersome as this sounds, having copies of things (think insurance policies, passports, deeds, titles, etc.) stored in a safe deposit box or at a relatives’ home will really reduce the headache and time spent in the event you lose your home to a disaster. It can help even if it’s just a time where you’re out of town and you end up with a water leak that damages your ceiling.
  • Do you have a good emergency radio and flashlight? How about spare batteries?
    No? Well this is the one we can actually help you with! Call us or visit the links above and order online. We’ll get you set up right away.

We’ve written several articles on how to be prepared and what that might look like. REI has a great article on basic concepts with some important additions that people often forget like medications, infant formula and diapers, and pet food.

If nothing else, at least create a basic plan, get a radio and flashlight, write down the list of phone numbers and read about Bob’s potable water trick with your water heater.

Tell us about your emergency plans in the comments below and be entered to win a CC Solar Observer October 11th– the best all-around emergency radio. It covers AM, FM and Weather and has a built in flashlight. You can even use it without batteries and if it came down to it, it even will charge most cell phones.

25 Responses to “Keep Your Family Safe – Prepare Ahead of Time”

  1. Carl C. Foote Says:

    I plan to scream and run!

  2. Frank Davis Says:

    I’m covered for a year in all critical categories: food, water, shelter, personal protection and first aid, shelter, fire/light/heat/cooling, communication, cooking, etc…..I have a large solar generator for power, a pedal power generator, a hand crank generator, inverters (pure sine wave) and backups for all above categories. My plan is to bug-in as my location has ample water produced by a manual FloJak installed in my well and plenty of firewood for heat. As for the question “Will I have to go to the store?” the answer is a resounding “no” for at least a year or longer due to my aquaplanes system. I am totally self sufficient and probably could never go back to the store again as I have a year supply of food and unlimited water….and for communication my go to radio is a CC Crane Solar Observer along with a CB, scanner, 2 way radios, VHF/Marine radio (great for inland use during disasters since channels/frequencies will not be crowded), plus car parts and redundant equipment stored in a Faraday Cage….I go by the adage “One is none, two is one and 3 is just enough”….so I have 3 ways to do everything mentioned above, like for cooking I have camp stoves, Volcano grill/campfire, fireplace and a solar oven and the same for all other preparedness needs…. plus I have ‘Get Home Bags in all vehicles with reduncies to the categories above also….OTGguy

  3. Anthony Wurthmann Says:

    I NEED the sw radio here in Alaska, but survive on a small social security check. Will try to save up for one asap.

  4. mark d. antonino Says:

    a it very simiiar to the one shown above

  5. Florian Bechtold Says:

    I already have the CC Skywave Radio and have a large cache of batteries for it. Your other advice I will pursue.

  6. John Garrod Says:

    I have a CC Skywave radio among others along with my Ham radio gear. I have backup radios stored in metal grounded containers for emf protection. I have portable antennas and solar charged battery backup systems. We have a large amount of home canned and frozen food plus I dehydrate and vacuum pack fruits and vegetables. For heat we use propane that does not require electricity. Water is stored in sealed containers and others necessities are on hand. In the vehicles we have safety bags that contain candles, candy bars and flashlights along with first aid kits.

  7. john sheman Says:

    I wish the CC Skywave came with alternative power (solar,crank) as a more costly option!!!! I would pay for the option as my plan involves trying to limit my demand for batteries……..My plan involves both bug in or bugout depending on the circumstance. Water or a way to treat, food, medical and heating/cooling including shelter and security.

    • Frank Davis Says:

      Look at Goal Zero solar products, rechargeable solar packs and generators….the Yeti 150 and a Nomad solar apnel kit would give you very long play time and the Goal Zero units will power USB devices…even the Sherpa 50 Kit would be a good choice….check out these solutions here . This would cut out your need for always buying batteries because these units are rechargeable and last 1000’s of charge/discharge cycles…I have several Goal Zero generators from small to large… I highly recommend this option is the way to go for you….hope this helps.

      Frank D

  8. Larry Caldwell Says:

    Thanks for all the advice!! Had not even thought about all the questions you asked. But now you have my attention and we are starting immediately to be prepared.

    Thanks again!!

  9. Charles LaPiene Says:

    Pray. Vote. Buy more ammo!

  10. William Alba Says:

    In my backpack and on my body I carry primary (and backup) flashlights, whistles, compasses, tools, sharps, firestarters, and cash. I’ve committed important phone numbers to memory.

    I do need to stock up on emergency food and water at home. Also, I just checked on my emergency radio — it’s dead from battery leakage — so I’m looking at purchasing a Skywave for my commute and travels. I’d love a Solar Observer at home!

  11. John W Storey Says:

    I have ‘boogie’ bags & my old 4X4 suburban ‘ready’ to I contend with forest fires in this area.

  12. Don Kay Says:

    I do a lot of camping here in the rugged southwestern corner of Oregon, and this radio sounds like the missing piece of gear I need for my kit!

  13. amr Says:

    Keep it simple. Keep calm. Pay attention to warnings.
    One go bag, read the Bible, use common sense.

  14. Colleen Allen Says:

    When storing canned food for emergency situations, be sure to purchase ready to eat canned soup with water already added. Condensed soups need water which may not be as desirable if there is a water shortage during an emergency .

  15. JOHN HAY Says:


  16. Paul M. Says:

    I’m a Over The Road Trucker,, The only thing missing on my truck is a CC Solar Observer radio… 😉

  17. Craig Alden Says:

    My survival plans for my family starting out will be essentials for at least three months for four including: Water, H2O purifying, storage/ Food, Freeze dried, can-goods, excellent Ice chest Pots & Paper goods/ First Aid, Toilet paper, personal hygiene, portable toilet/ Flashlights and batteries, candles/ Radios, Walkie- talkies/ Firearm and some ammunition, Snares, fishing/ Gloves, crow bar, tools, tree saw, knifes/ Gas Fuel, stabilizer, Propane stove, Propane, siphon hose / Survival books, bug out plans (if required), Plans general notebook-contacts, containers/ Shelter, camping items, Practice skills, other/ Thank you

  18. Robert Fitts Says:

    Plan to buy a CC Skywave radio when I can!

  19. James Ornellas Says:

    I have water and food stored and also some solar powered lights and radios I’d like to get a generator bicycle but I have not seen any

  20. Thomas C. Peck Says:

    Have a few days food supply and a kerosene stove (which also puts out some limited heat). My wife and I have a good “Scrabble” board and dictionary. Also, have a good snow shovel available. Hope to win a C C Solar Observer Radio w/flashlight!

  21. Barbara Burnett Says:

    Food that requires no cooking plus plans to use up what’s in the fridge first & the freezer second. Unfortunately I live in an all-electric apt. where we are not allowed to keep propane cannisters for Coleman stoves or even a grill! No woodstove.
    Lots of bottled water and a small katydyn water filter, lots of TP and dish soap, flashlights, headlamps (!), candles (& matches). I’m looking for a new radio with S/W, NOAA and regular bands. I want one with a hand crank and solar. I have a true landline phone–plus a simple trac fone. I’m also looking for rechargeable batteries and a foldable/rollup solar charger for the batteries, cell phone and laptop. Have several washable wool blankets, 2 regular sleeping bags + 1 down one; a small 3-person tent (to use inside as well as outside to conserve body heat). Always keep 3/4 tank of gas in the car, plus jumper cables, oil, etc. Several months worth of non-Rxs like aspirin and vitamins. PLUS a 3 month supply of prescription meds. (How? By ordering each refill 2-3 days before the one ordered the previous month, I’ve been able to get 13 of each of my Rxs in a year. Doing this for several years results in extra medicine that can be crucial in an emergency. Also have written evacuation plans for wild fires, flash floods, etc. I don’t have to think about what to get or do first, second, or third–just read and grab. Also have “to buy” lists if there is time to prepare: e.g., a blizzard, economic turmoil, etc. And of course several hundred dollars in cash (small bills: $1’s & 5’s) in a small safe at home. (And cat food and cat litter….always cat food and cat litter.)

  22. Anthony Wurthmann Says:

    Received the wonderful gift. God bless you and yours for thinking of this unworthy old man. The pic you see is truly me, myself and I. I will pass the word about your special customer relationship you have with me.

    On Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 11:00 PM, Anthony Wurthmann wrote:

    > I NEED the sw radio here in Alaska, but survive on a small social security > check. Will try to save up for one asap. > > On Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 1:33 PM, C. Crane Blog > wrote: > >> C. Crane posted: ” Not many people are really prepared for a disaster, >> especially in areas where they aren’t common. Maybe folks in areas where >> there are regular hurricanes, tornadoes or winter storms that shut >> everything down have a good handle on being prepared or peopl” >>

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