Inspired and Grateful


We were so inspired by REI’s bold stand to pay their employees to take the day after Thanksgiving off that we decided to back them up and follow suit. This is the first time since being in business that we will be closed on this day.

On top of that the Save the Redwoods league is sponsoring free admission to 49 California redwood state parks, which for us is a big deal because we’re right smack in the middle of many of them. We’ve heard there are several other states and businesses that are following suit as well.

Thanksgiving is a great American tradition,” President and CEO of Save the Redwoods League Sam Hodder said in a statement. “This year, Save the Redwoods League wants to make it even better. We are starting a new tradition for Black Friday. We invite everyone to experience the moments of joy, renewal and inspiration that you’ll find among our natural wonders, the ancient giant redwoods.”

Our website, ordering and catalog request services will be open during this time, but we will not have regular customer service or tech support until Monday the 30th.  We plan to take this time to reflect on everything we have to be thankful for and to create new experiences to be thankful for and we hope you do too.

7 Responses to “Inspired and Grateful”

  1. twitherspoon Says:

    Bravo, C.Crane! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. ridingonfumes Says:

    Good for you….. if I’m lucky enough to be ordering something from you at that time of year I certainly won’t mind waiting an extra day family is more important than business

  3. William Brown Says:

    Proud of you all!

  4. Alton Rigby Says:

    It’s about time that America wakes up to realize there is more to be thankful for than a dollar bill.

  5. Name Required Says:

    This is good. Never thought in recent years stores really benefited by opening. Thanksgiving opening is even nuttier. Great on the redwoods; but when we toured our guide said too many visitors were “loving them to death.”

  6. Ted Champagne Says:

    Thank you folks for doing that. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Toby Montezuma Says:

    Hey, that is cool! Having worked with the 14-hour-day Japanese and the “Oops, tie for morning coffee!” Germans, I can say that not only do people NEED time off, but I believe it helps recharge them to do a better job. Like the old story: who wins the woodchopping contest-the lumberjack who just keeps going at it, or the one who takes periodic breaks to rest and stretch and so on? Good on you!

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