Radio is Community - Tailgate TimeIt’s a time when fans, friends and alumni get together to celebrate (whether that celebration is for the tailgating, the food or the football doesn’t really matter). They wear their team’s colors, often paint their faces and bring signs and cheer as loudly as possible to root on their team. In some areas this is “religion”. There are places like Auburn where people actually have settings using fine china, where several generations of family attend and even paint vehicles in the team colors. The rivalries are fierce and the camaraderie is strong. What you do for a living and who you voted for aren’t important, the only thing that matters is which team you’re there to support.

Radio is a community of its own and shares some of the same characteristics as these fans: a diverse, eclectic blend of people coming from all different backgrounds for a common reason. Committed to your favorite hosts, enough so to band together and buy advertising, to buy special equipment, to record shows so you can listen later, or pay for subscriptions so you have access on-demand. Passionate about the topics at hand and supportive of this forum for communication, education and entertainment.

Another way, radio supports community is by being local. It is local radio that carries the hometown sports – whether high school or college. For instance; it’s homecoming here in Fortuna, California and we’re a community that rallies around our kids and our local sports broadcasters are there for us allowing those who can’t make it to the games to listen into the play by play.

So grab your radio, put on your face paint, sport those team colors, and show up for your community, whether it’s football, radio or both!