Art Bell. . . What the heck is he doing? He is going back on air July 20th, 2015!

Midnight in the Desert Art BellArt Bell will be broadcasting on Internet radio, shortwave and even some regular radio stations! What a wonderful unorthodox blend! He is dramatically reducing the number of commercial breaks so it will be very interesting how this meshes with a traditional broadcast station. Keep up with latest news and station list at

Where can I hear him? Most people may already have their favorite way to listen but if not here are some tips:

The inherent streaming quality of Art’s stereo broadcast is high. You can listen on a phone, tablet, Internet radio, Shortwave or perhaps even a local station. Shortwave station WTWW at 5085 KHz puts out a powerful signal so those beyond any services can hear him. The small CC Skywave radio with 10′ of wire attached to the whip antenna works excellent along with our larger CCRadio-SW.

You can also listen to Dark Matter Digital Network on the CC WiFi Radio or the CC WiFi 2 Radio (available in classic black or gorgeous cherry wood finish).

How can I make Art’s audio stream sound great on a tablet or smartphone?


  • The Senta Ally Stereo Speaker can use Bluetooth or a patch cord from your smart phone. Audio on the Ally is particularly accurate and full for voice. Our price and the fact that it is portable make it a great value.
  • My “spoiled brat-best way” to listen in bed is a tablet directly connected to my CCRadio-2E for impeccable voice rendition. We offer a 1/8″ stereo 3′ heavy duty patch cord that works well for this and other similar devices.


  • If you have a tendency to mangle and destroy headphones you should try our low cost Voz. Many people think they are the finest for voice.
  • For audio connoisseurs check out the Senta-40 at a price that defies the quality.


  • The Voz Earbuds are inexpensive but normally better than what you may have received with your smartphone.
  • Art Bell’s Hot Pick: The highly rated Voz-P Premium Wooden Earbuds are his favorite.
  • The CC Buds are a new invention of C. Crane that are tuned for voice but also accurate for music without heavy bass.

Tips for Extending WiFi Reception:

Crane has always specialized in long range reception and WiFi is no exception!

Art Bell is on 9-12 PM Pacific Time but you may not have good WiFi reception where you like to listen. There are inexpensive repeaters you can find that work very good for 30′ or more from your router. I particularly like Netgear’s wallplug repeater. But If you have a serious problem making an internet connection then C. Crane has some very powerful solutions to check out.

Good ‘Ole AM/FM Radio:

You can check out the station list on and see if you can get any signal. The CCRadio-2E is probably the best radio for reception.

Art’s new show has all the signs of a great ride and the future is downright bright and mysterious at the same time. Please join the show!

If we can be of any help, please give us a call. That’s the job we love doing!

11 Responses to “Art Bell. . . What the heck is he doing? He is going back on air July 20th, 2015!”

  1. David. O Connor Says:

    Thank you on the info on Art Bell .I have several of your radios and will be following A.B. thank you

  2. Ivy Iverson Says:

    It will be great to hear the master again!

  3. Bob Ziel Says:

    I enjoy listening to Art Bell even though many of his shows are 10 to 15 years old. What was applicable back then is even more applicable today.
    I also like to hear about UFO’s.
    Have we been visited?
    Well, that is open to debate, but I tend to think that there are some aliens here on Mother Earth and I ain’t talkin’ about people from other countries! — Bob Ziel, Rigby, ID
    P.S. C. Crane ads on Coast-To-Coast from George Noory are always interesting and informative.

  4. marvelous marv Says:

    Awesome! Totally Awesome!! WElcome back Art!!!!!

  5. Doug J Ogden Says:

    What AM or FM stations could I pickup Art Bell’s program on when he returns to radio? I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Thank you!

    • jessyca martinez Says:

      Hi Doug,

      Here is a list of the stations Art will be on:
      AS of today, it doesn’t look like Canada is on the list but depending on where you are in relation to the stations out of New York, you may be able to pull in the signal with a CC Radio 2 E.
      I hope this helps answer your question. Thank you, Jessyca Martinez C. Crane Company

    • jessyca martinez Says:

      Hi Doug,

      You may also want to consider a WiFi Radio, especially if you have a broadband internet connection. Art Bell will be on Dark Matter Digital Network on the CC WiFi Radio and the CC WiFi Radio 2. The stream will be clear and you will have no interferences. I hope this helps you receive Art Bell when he returns in a few days. Thank you, Jessyca M. C. Crane

  6. Berned Says:

    Can you help a New Jerseyan listen to Art Bell? I have the CC RADIO 2E. How should I proceed? Thanks.

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