Fire on Main Street in Fortuna, California

Early this morning a fire broke out on Main st. resulting in several businesses losing their buildings. Fortunately it was early, so no one was injured. We are a small community of about 10,000 and something like this affects everyone. It is truly devastating and heartbreaking. These are our friends that own these businesses and they employ other friends and even family members. One of our own staff is a volunteer firefighter and another’s husband is as well so this really hits home. Our shipping parking lot is blocked off to allow access for the fire trucks and we sent our shipping department home just because the air quality isn’t that great. Below are some pictures from nearby.


Photo by Sean Sullivan

Main St Fire 6AM

Photo Jessyca Martinez

Main Street Fire 6AM

Photo Jessyca Martinez

Smoke from the highway

Smoke from the Highway – Photo by Lisa Wilson

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4 Responses to “Fire on Main Street in Fortuna, California”

  1. David R Says:

    Very sorry to hear about this devastating loss. How can we help? Are there any community organizations, businesses, or local banks accepting donations for affected victims?

    • jessyca martinez Says:

      Hi David,
      Thank you for your support. Sorry it took us a few days to get back to you, we were waiting to see if a fund would be available. A local artist in our community started a account that we can all donate to, here:
      Again, thank you so much for your support, we all appreciate it so much!
      Jessyca M.

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