Forces2015 the past several days, you’ve probably been reading, watching and hearing about all the latest, greatest stuff at CES. For the first time in at least 20 years, C. Crane was not in attendance as an attendee or an exhibitor. When you’re a small company like ours it’s tough to justify the expense of a trip like that unless you have something really groundbreaking – and although we continue to find radio groundbreaking, the super tech at CES don’t necessarily concur.

These days it seems you’re better off reaching out directly to the folks you want to meet up and work with rather than trying to carve out a space in that crazy overcrowded place (not to mention nursing the blisters on your feet and trying to get the cigarette smell out of your clothes). Apparently, we weren’t alone in our decision as we’ve learned Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and several others that have been keystone exhibitors in the past were not in attendance this year.

So what was really at CES? Well, it appears to depend on who you ask. Some folks that we know in the media, said that there was a lot of the same old stuff, or anything that was new had a competitor with a duplicate right down the lane.

CNet has their take here.

Jonathan Takiff at Philadelphia News gives a quick rundown on their favorite 10.

Gizmag always pulls out some unique ones. I can’t lie the LG dual washer is intriguing for a mom who does A LOT of laundry.

PopSci found the Huh? list.

It sounds like all in all, change is coming to the way you watch TV (if you watch it) and maybe you’ll be “wearing” some tech” besides your pocket radio in the near future. So let us know are you going to wear tech gear or do you already? Would you let your car drive you? What’s your favorite “new” technology? What might make radio groundbreaking or new enough for CES?