25 Days Of Christmas

Merry Christmas!

CCrane Coupon $200Today’s giveaway is a C. Crane Gift Certificate worth $200.00.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog.

Today’s blog question: What are you most thankful for or appreciative of this year, 2014?

The winners will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced Friday morning. Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

76 Responses to “25 Days Of Christmas”

  1. digitalmann Says:

    I am most thankful and appreciative of my family as they help me navigate my way through disability (Tirgeminal Neuraligia)

  2. ridingonfumes Says:

    I’m most thankful that my 17 year old cat recovered from his stroke and is still here : )

  3. Kathleen Perez Says:

    Thankful for my family being close

  4. SharonDeters Says:

    my healthy family

  5. AB Bhako Says:

    The birth of my baby girl!

  6. Bhaku Sona Says:

    My aunt survived a bout of breast cancer. So grateful!

  7. SV Obbrio Says:

    Finally bought my parents a house close to ours so they are near us all the time.

  8. Shilpi B Says:

    I finally found a job that I love: ever so grateful for it

  9. AB Anurag Says:

    I completed my PhD after 5 years of grad school. #grateful

  10. Abha201 Says:

    We were able to pay off the mortgage of our house after 20 long years.

  11. Svee098 Says:

    I’ve been in this country for past 5 years and this year I was able to sponsor my wife’s visa to come here and join me. Best thing that happened this year 😊

  12. Abbhanu01 Says:

    I got admitted to a top ranking university for my Masters. Hopefully this will be the turning point of my career.

  13. Anushka Says:

    I feel grateful to have finally moved to a place warmer than the freezing East coast.2014 was a year full of exciting relocations !

  14. Vimal Says:

    Attended my daughters PhD hooding ceremony in Pittsburgh.

  15. Suman Says:

    Happened to visit US,twice in a year

  16. Stan Horzepa Says:

    My sister’s successful surgery.

  17. Henry Says:

    that i’m almost done with my graduate program and will graduate in the spring!

  18. Edward Says:

    My two children…

  19. Krybak Says:


  20. angelico Says:

    My life.

  21. Michael Says:

    to be alive.

  22. Anna Says:

    Thankful for each and every day.

  23. anne B. Says:

    Today is Dec 26 and I don’t own a computer. Missed out on the Dec 24, 25 contests bec public libraries closed mostly around noon as well they should. I’ll be thankful to get work done at home and to listen to a clear radio in the mail!!


    that I still have my job, as there are rumors of closing my branch down

  25. Kay Hettich Says:

    Every day I am thankful to God for salvation through Jesus Christ. But in particular, I am thankful for improving health and the ability to enjoy outdoor recreation again in 2014. I am also thankful for my new CCrane radio! Thank you!

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