25 Days Of Christmas

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Today’s blog question: What is your Christmas Eve tradition?

The winners will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced Friday morning. Good Luck!

77 Responses to “25 Days Of Christmas”

  1. Leticia Flynn Says:

    Growing up at my parents house, we all used to help my mom make tamales, and she would also make bunuelos (elephant ears). Then we’d eat that the next day, and hand them out as gifts to family.

  2. ke4nu Says:

    To prepare for tomorrows excitment and meal..

  3. William Brown Says:

    We open gifts and have pizza and sweets my wife bakes.

  4. Suzanne Geraci Says:

    We bake, have a light dinner by candle light, turn on Christmas Lights, listen to beautiful Christmas music all day… and today I have been listening to a Coast to Coast show about the historical proof of Jesus, and the Shroud of Turin.

  5. Abbhanu01 Says:

    Having friends over For dinner and gifting them holiday baskets filled with goodies

  6. Svee098 Says:

    Having a pot luck dinner at my Aunt’s place. The dessert is always her famous apple crumble and plum cake!

  7. Abha201 Says:

    Making cookies for Santa with my kids’ help. They get all excited knowing that these are for Santa 🙂

  8. AB Anurag Says:

    Adding one more special ornament to our Christmas tree every year

  9. Shilpi B Says:

    Going to church together on Christmas Eve

  10. SV Obbrio Says:

    Sending out hand made Christmas cards to friends and family

  11. Bhaku Sona Says:

    gifting a homemade chocolate tray to all our relatives

  12. AB Bhako Says:

    We open all our presents together on Christmas Eve . We visit family on Christmas Day

  13. suman Says:

    Sit with family, near fire place

  14. Vimal Says:

    Listening to Jingles .

  15. Henry Says:

    christmas eve is spent doing a whole lot of nothing in preparation for christmas day, when i also pretty much do what i want ….

  16. Henry Says:

    nothing in particular, really …

  17. ridingonfumes Says:

    We always make and eat tamales on Christmas eve to eat Christmas day, then we order pizza to eat Xmas eve

  18. Steve Rathnow Says:

    Christmas eve Mass, then dinner and gathering with friends and Christmas Story marathon on TBS. Doesn’t get any better than that! Merry Christmas to all!

  19. Mark A. Says:

    Getting together with my family, exchanging gifts, and having dinner. However, the most fun part is singing Christmas carols. The funniest song is the twelve days of Christmas where everyone picks a different “day”

  20. Carey Gilpin Says:

    Christmas Eve candlelit service.


    Alone now, so no use for them

  22. Anna Says:

    Christmas Eve mass

  23. angelico Says:

    music and wine

  24. Terry Smith Says:

    We do just stockings. It has always been my favorite

  25. David Bailey Says:

    Spend time with Family no matter what Finacial situation we are in

    • Ray Says:

      My Christmas Eve tradition is going to Church , Coming home and opening gifts and having wine and cheese with my partner.

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