25 Days Of Christmas

CC Pocket RadioCongratulations to fqlevin, winner of the CC SW Pocket Radio.

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Today’s blog question: Do you celebrate your Christmas on December 24th or December 25th?

The winners will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced tomorrow morning. Good Luck!

78 Responses to “25 Days Of Christmas”

    • anne b. Says:

      Xmas Day

      My late mother used to say everyday is Christmas around here. Guess she was tired of the buying and spending!!

  1. l c Says:

    We don’t celebrate until first light on Christmas morning.

  2. lwc_31119 Says:

    It starts Christmas morning during breakfast.

  3. Mark D. Antonino Says:

    Always the 25th

  4. Jim Sherman Says:

    On the 25th but we will open one present on the 24th.

  5. Phillip Says:

    Both the 24th and 25th

  6. Brian Brisk Says:

    December 25th.

  7. Krybak Says:

    On the 25 th always

  8. Cox Says:

    One of us is a health care worker, so our holiday varies with the work schedule. When we are together, that is Christmas.

  9. tech1943 Says:

    xmas day after church

  10. AB Bhako Says:

    24th. We meet family on the 25th

  11. Bhaku Sona Says:

    25 dec. entire family meets up at my parents’ place for Christmas celebrations

  12. Dave Moore Says:

    christmas day….old time christmas morning

  13. SV Obbrio Says:

    25. That’s when my kids get their gifts from Santa when they wake up in the morning. 😊

  14. Shilpi B Says:

    Both days. We go to church on 24 midnight but celebrate on both days

  15. AB Anurag Says:

    24 and 25. We spend 24 with my wife’s parents and 25th with mine.

  16. Abha201 Says:

    25 Dec. that’s when Christmas is ..right?

  17. Svee098 Says:

    Christmas Eve and Christmas Day both are day long celebrations at my place. I love the holiday season.

  18. Abbhanu01 Says:

    Both. In fact Christmas is a week long celebration in my family. We start visiting each other on the weekend before Christmas and keep at it for the whole week.

  19. William Brown Says:

    We celebrate on Christmas Eve.

  20. LindaG Says:

    Always the 25th….

  21. Steve Rathnow Says:

    We do both. Start the celebration with church on the eve, finish it with presents and prime rib dinner on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all!


    celebrate Christmas on Christmas or Christmas eve huuuummmmmm, so what’s the real question?

  23. Joseph Terrana Says:


  24. metroman58 Says:

    Luckily twice on the 24th with one sided of the family and the 25 at home with the kids. And again in the evening with the in laws.

  25. Ted Champagne Says:

    On the 25th.

  26. Mark A. Says:

    We do both, Church, family get together, gift exchange, and dinner Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning we open gifts.

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