My husband and I lived in our 5th wheel for 3 years while traveling from one rural town to the next, working on different road construction jobs. This left me with a lot of free time on the weekends. Most of it was spent trying to pay bills online, check my email and the bank statements and the occasional online shopping.

The one thing I hoped for in each RV Park was a WiFi signal. WiFi is what keeps you in touch with the outside world when traveling. Some parks didn’t know what WiFi was and others had a signal but it was limited range. Another big problem was we were considered “long term” parkers so we were always thrown in the back, furthest from everything. I was forced to create a weekly routine- wake up, get my coffee and walk up to the office and park it on a picnic table so I could cruise the internet while sitting as close as I possibly could to the WiFi signal. When the RV parks didn’t have WiFi, I had to get in my car and drive to the closest hotel parking lot just so I could get a signal.

Long Range WiFi at the RV Park

WiFi with the X Mile at the RV Park

Now we are based back home in Fortuna and the 5th wheel is used for vacationing. Strangely enough though, RV Parks still have a problem with WiFi, even with the increase in knowledge and technology. Thank goodness I work at a company that knows a thing or two about WiFi.We have options for several different configuration and I can simply mount one of our outdoor antennas like the CC X Mile to the the 5th wheel and the cable from the antenna connects directly to my computer’s USB port. The cable runs through the window and viola, internet at my service.


This summer is our next vacation so you bet I will ditch my routine (picnic table and all) for the comfort of my own RV site and one of our WiFi antennas. If you aren’t sure which antenna is for you, give us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to help you figure out the best configuration for your situation. You can also visit our sister site for more information on WiFi.