Flashback Friday

Employee Highlight!

Sean, you have been with C. Crane for a long while, how long has it been?

Sean around the time he first started at C. Crane

Sean around the time he first started at C. Crane

15 YEARS! I began in March of ’99, so I was still a rookie when the “Y2K” scare was in full swing.

You have worked in just about every department, where did you start?
I started out as a phone operator. I showed an aptitude for electronics and repair, so I began working with the tech department as well as being a phone operator for the first couple of years. I did a lot of the assembly of the original Twin Coil Antenna from my “cubicle” as I fielded orders and tech-related calls.

I then moved up to returns when the job became available. I did data entry in returns for the first couple of years, as well as assistance in shipping and receiving. Being a big guy means being the one they call for when boxes need moving. I also began doing repairs on radios and other equipment. I moved quickly into repairs full-time when the returns staff grew to three people.

Where can we find you now?

Sean now, 2014

Sean now, 2014

After many years I moved back to the main building to begin working with the IT department, where I have been for about 3 or so years now.

Sean is a real asset to the company and we love having him here at C. Crane.


3 Responses to “Flashback Friday”

  1. Binkey Barney Says:

    15 yrs! It must be an awesome place to work!

  2. Dan Russo Says:

    Your blog shows us that C. Crane is so much more than a business.

  3. David R . Says:

    Congrats on 15 years with a great company. Your dedication has apparently helped make C.Crane what it is today.

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