Staying Connected on the Road

My husband and I lived in our 5th wheel for 3 years while traveling from one rural town to the next, working on different road construction jobs. This left me with a lot of free time on the weekends. Most of it was spent trying to pay bills online, check my email and the bank statements and the occasional online shopping.

The one thing I hoped for in each RV Park was a WiFi signal. WiFi is what keeps you in touch with the outside world when traveling. Some parks didn’t know what WiFi was and others had a signal but it was limited range. Another big problem was we were considered “long term” parkers so we were always thrown in the back, furthest from everything. I was forced to create a weekly routine- wake up, get my coffee and walk up to the office and park it on a picnic table so I could cruise the internet while sitting as close as I possibly could to the WiFi signal. When the RV parks didn’t have WiFi, I had to get in my car and drive to the closest hotel parking lot just so I could get a signal.

Long Range WiFi at the RV Park

WiFi with the X Mile at the RV Park

Now we are based back home in Fortuna and the 5th wheel is used for vacationing. Strangely enough though, RV Parks still have a problem with WiFi, even with the increase in knowledge and technology. Thank goodness I work at a company that knows a thing or two about WiFi.We have options for several different configuration and I can simply mount one of our outdoor antennas like the CC X Mile to the the 5th wheel and the cable from the antenna connects directly to my computer’s USB port. The cable runs through the window and viola, internet at my service.


This summer is our next vacation so you bet I will ditch my routine (picnic table and all) for the comfort of my own RV site and one of our WiFi antennas. If you aren’t sure which antenna is for you, give us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to help you figure out the best configuration for your situation. You can also visit our sister site for more information on WiFi.

Flashback Friday

Employee Highlight!

Sean, you have been with C. Crane for a long while, how long has it been?

Sean around the time he first started at C. Crane

Sean around the time he first started at C. Crane

15 YEARS! I began in March of ’99, so I was still a rookie when the “Y2K” scare was in full swing.

You have worked in just about every department, where did you start?
I started out as a phone operator. I showed an aptitude for electronics and repair, so I began working with the tech department as well as being a phone operator for the first couple of years. I did a lot of the assembly of the original Twin Coil Antenna from my “cubicle” as I fielded orders and tech-related calls.

I then moved up to returns when the job became available. I did data entry in returns for the first couple of years, as well as assistance in shipping and receiving. Being a big guy means being the one they call for when boxes need moving. I also began doing repairs on radios and other equipment. I moved quickly into repairs full-time when the returns staff grew to three people.

Where can we find you now?

Sean now, 2014

Sean now, 2014

After many years I moved back to the main building to begin working with the IT department, where I have been for about 3 or so years now.

Sean is a real asset to the company and we love having him here at C. Crane.


Give The Gift of Great Audio with our Portable Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker – The Senta Ally

Carolyn's niece performing her hula hoop routine with the Senta Ally Portable Speaker.

Carolyn’s niece performing her hula hoop routine with the Senta Ally Portable Speaker. Photos are copyrighted and cannot be used without consent of the owner.


With Father’s Day fast approaching and graduations for college and high school taking place around the world, we’ve been wrestling with what to give as a gift. We thought we’d share a personal story from our very own Carolyn, that elevated her to the “coolest Aunt” status and could possibly elevate you to a “cool” relative status as well.

Carolyn gave her niece the Senta Ally Portable Speaker as a gift: “My 19 year old niece is a drama major and enjoys going to street performances with friends in her home town.  She does a light-up hula hoop routine to music and puts on quite a show.  I sent her a Senta Ally last Christmas because she complained that hauling a radio around to play the songs on her phone was heavy and inconvenient.  She was thrilled that the Ally connects to her phone by Bluetooth, and that it’s so small and lightweight.  The volume is loud enough for sidewalk crowds to hear, and the audio quality gives her performance a pro feel.  I now have unchallenged “coolest aunt” status thanks to the Senta Ally Bluetooth® Speaker.”

The Senta Ally is a great sounding speaker and an excellent value for the money. See the Senta Ally in action and how easy it is to pair with your smart phone or Bluetooth® device. For other gift ideas click here.  We also have a great series on selecting the right speaker system for you .


Carolyn's niece with her Ally and Smart Phone.

Carolyn’s niece with her Ally and Smart Phone. Photos are copyrighted and cannot be used without consent of the owner.












 Bluetooth Logo and the Bluetooth® logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth® SIG, Inc

Flashback Friday

C. Crane house before the remodel

C. Crane house before the remodel


Due to a rapidly expanding company C. Crane’s 10th street house in Fortuna was remodeled in 1996 to include a large Shipping and Receiving Department. We soon outgrew that area and shipping and receiving was moved to a much larger 2-story building near our original location.

Today we use the old Shipping Department as our meeting and break room.

A construction crew works on the C. Crane Shipping and Receiving department

A construction crew works on the C. Crane Shipping and Receiving department

Bob’s Planned Move Brings Transformation

Bob and Sue in the first C. Crane Office, 1990.

Bob and Sue in the first C. Crane Office, 1990.

Moving from San Francisco to rural Humboldt County, California in 1983 was not without a few oversights on my part. Due to poor radio reception my love for AM radio was met with a good deal of silence until the sun went down. It was only then that I could receive AM stations from several hundred miles away. I learned to adapt to the local earthquakes but not the absence of radio reception.

I went on a six month research project to improve the radio reception at my house until I finally found an AM antenna, the Select-A-Tenna. In the day time this antenna could receive a clear channel station from over 250 miles away. I was absolutely sure there were more radio-heads like me that wanted this antenna as much as life itself, so I wrote a letter to the address on the bottom of the antenna asking if I could sell them. The phone rang one day with the inventor and builder of this device. I garnered a somewhat exclusive distribution right to the West Coast for a capital cost of $350.00 so my wife and I began selling the Select-A-Tenna out of our home. We advertised the antenna on KGO Radio in San Francisco. At first, it did not go particularly well but we adjusted our advertisements and soon orders started coming in.

A plastic surgeon from L.A. was our very first customer. He heard the ad on KGO and called to order one. I was shocked when he asked me to put the antenna on a credit card. We weren’t set up to take credit cards so we had him mail us a check. Never considering failure we started shipping out hundreds of antennas with the bill enclosed hoping the honest talk show listeners would pay. Ninety-nine percent of those customer sent us a check! Word started spreading about the magic of the AM receiving antenna.

One unforgettable day in 1992 cars and RV’s lined our 500’ shared, one lane gravel road to the house making our neighbors less than thrilled. That’s when I turned to my wife and said ‘Sue, I think we need to get a store for the company”. We soon moved the business to downtown Fortuna.

The Original CC Radio

The Original CC Radio

During this time, my wife and I both had full time jobs and 2 kids to raise. Our little company continued to grow and was starting to get out of hand, so we hired others to help us. With the dedication of a few good people we hired, the C. Crane Radio Division was born.

C. Crane continues the quest to improve reception with a selection of excellent long range radios and antennas. Our latest model, the CCRadio-2E is one of the best radios for AM and FM reception and it’s the most reliable we have built so far.

Bob Crane

Flashback Friday- Mother’s Day

Grandma Faye

Grandma Faye

Our featured Mom is Grandma Faye (pictured), Sue Crane’s Mom. She helped make C. Crane Company what it is today. She answered phones when C. Crane was still being run out of the Crane’s home, folded all the package inserts, helped run the household and made delicious home-cooked meals while Sue was finishing college.

Here’s to all the moms who helped us with our families and careers. Thanks Mom!

Rechargeable Batteries – Save Money and Reduce Waste


This cracked us up. Generated by this talented young artist

We stumbled across this article about how batteries work and they had a great visual “Imagine a world where everything that used electricity had to be plugged in. Flashlights, hearing aids, cell phones and other portable devices would be tethered to electrical outlets, rendering them awkward and cumbersome.”  We live in a world where batteries are everywhere which means there is an opportunity in rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries, while more expensive up front, can be a money saving investment pretty quickly (not to mention a time saver for those last minute trips to the 24 hour grocery store and getting gouged with the $8.00 premium for 4 alkaline batteries).  Rechargeable batteries are best for high drain, frequently used non-emergency devices like kids toys, remotes, wireless keyboards and mice, etc. They are also a great option for portable radios if you are using a lot of alkaline batteries with them.

This is a great article on rechargeable batteries and when and where to use them; the different types available and recycling different types of batteries. C. Crane carries a variety of batteries and chargers for portable radios and many other portable electronic devices.

Want to find some mostly clean humor – search the web for battery comics or battery funny. Happy recharging.

Flashback Friday

Lyle Pioneer Days in Lyle, Washington, 1967. The songs playing in this video were written by C. Crane’s very own repair technician, Daryl and performed by his band The Misfortunes. The Misfortunes are towards the middle of the video; Daryl is in the red shirt.