C. Crane’s 30 Year Anniversary- 30 Days of Giveaways, Day 24!

Congratulations to yesterday’s winners Chris Anderson for winning the SoftSpeaker™-2 Pillow Speaker with Volume Control, Mark A. for winning the Power Vivid® BR20 LED Light Bulb (Cool White) and Suman for winning the GeoBulb®-II LED Light Bulb True Color.

Today’s Blog Topic is: What is your weather like currently? Are you in need of your NOAA Weather or Weather Alert Radio?

Today’s giveaways are the CC Solar Observer AM/FM/Weather Windup Emergency Radio, the Power Vivid® A15 LED Bulb (Warm White) and the GeoBulb®-II LED Light Bulb True Color. To participate all you have to do is leave a comment on today’s blog post. We will select three comments in a random drawing and post the winners Friday morning. Good luck!

CC Solar Observer AM/FM/Weather Windup Emergency Radio & Power Vivid® A15 LED Bulb

CC Solar Observer AM/FM/Weather Windup Emergency Radio & Power Vivid® A15 LED Bulb

97 Responses to “C. Crane’s 30 Year Anniversary- 30 Days of Giveaways, Day 24!”

  1. l c Says:

    Partly cloudy. It’ll be okay for awhile.

  2. Chuck Case Says:

    The weather in Huntington WV is sunny and almost like summer. No need for a weather alert today.

  3. George Hogetvedt Says:

    Sunny and almost 80 in Minnesota. A weather radio is always nice to have because you never know when you might need one.

  4. sofosthoughts Says:

    55, sunny and breezy. NOAA weather alert.

  5. Duncan Stuck Says:

    In Tampa, Florida we are nearing the end of a solid week of rain with highs in the high 80s.

  6. timfisher2013 Says:

    The weather is great in Lincoln, Ne 82 degrees…….no winter coat

  7. Jim Sherman Says:

    In the 70’s sunny and beautiful. My CC Radio 2 comes in handy when the weather turns bad.

  8. SA Obbrri Says:

    Weather is always unpredictable around here! I could sure use a weather alert radio.

  9. B Anurag Says:

    It’s sunny today. But a weather radio is a welcome addition looking at the weather in my parts of the country!

  10. Ed Says:

    82 degrees F, currently, where I live, with the possibility of “isolated thunderstorms” later, in the afternoon, or evening. Nothing like the tornado, that ripped through the local area, just a couple of summers ago. Fortunately, my Dad heard about that tornado, on the radio – the CCrane Radio – I’d given him, for Father’s Day, that year, and was able to “sit out” the tornado, in the basement of a local retail business, as he’d just been on the road, driving back from out-of-town. I sat it out, under the front entry/foyer, staircase, just below ground level, and was extremely thankful, that neither I, nor my Dad, was in its direct path. I only wish that I’d had a CC Solar Observer AM/FM/Weather Windup Emergency Radio, myself, to at least keep track of the storm.

  11. Robin D Says:

    It was 39 this morning but 80 this afternoon. It is always good to have an emergency radio to monitor the weather

  12. Steve Thompson Says:

    Sunny and hot right now but here in Texas, severe weather happens and a weather radio is very necessary.

  13. Helen Anderson Says:

    Sunny and 62 degrees.

  14. l c Says:

    Party Cloud and good for a while. No need for NOAA.

  15. J Runyon Says:

    Sunny and high 90’s today. No need for a weather radio until Saturday. But I sure could use a solar radio for sitting outside!

  16. Richard Wiggins Says:

    I never know what to do.the weather radio would help

  17. Barry N. Rein Says:

    72 degrees and Sunny the best weather of the year so far in New Jersey . I am in need of a weather alert radio for my son’s emergency kit .

  18. Corey Stegall Says:

    Warm but nice. Would love a weather radio just in case.

  19. matt Says:

    perfect day, no alert today.

  20. terrence fortier Says:

    Clear and sunny in Vancouver, BC – about 68 degrees – lots of rain expected on the weekend…

  21. ¾ Blind Says:

    In Southern California it’s 77° F (25° C) which should be very comfortable, but the annual early autumn Santana Winds are wreaking havoc on the sinuses. I’m afraid a weather radio is of little use here. Actually when NOAA switched to the synthesized voice I stopped listening to those 162 mHz. weather broadcasts.

  22. danrshaw Says:

    Mid 70s with partially cloudy. Everyone needs a weather alert radio.

  23. Mark A. Says:

    Weather today in southern New Hampshire is a perfect 10. Sunny, dry, high about 70 degrees. One can always use a NOAA Weather radio!

  24. jim smilak Says:

    beautiful sunny fall day

  25. steveyoth Says:

    A nice day today. High of 76 degrees in Atlanta. A weather radio with the alert function would be nice. (I don’t have one.) – Steve

  26. Sam Stewart Says:

    it’s not what they said it would be, I’d love to have a NOAA weather radio, I don’t even have a radio.

  27. Tom hill Says:

    It is a beautiful fall evening here. The weather is fine. The NOAA alert radiowill be quiet tonight.

  28. Stanley Kurdziel Says:

    Weather is exactly what I expected it to be. Weather radios are great

  29. terry french Says:

    Nice early fall weather in va,and i need a weather radio

  30. Sv Obbri Says:

    Weather is unpredictable around here to say the least. Weather radio would be quite useful.

  31. Bhakko A. Says:

    It’s raining now but was sunny all day! NOAA would be more than welcome in my kit.

  32. Shilp B Says:

    It was sunny all week. I didn’t need anything close to NOAA these past 7 days but you never know what the next week has in hold! 🙂

  33. Soni Anu B Says:

    Weather alert radio is a must have in any emergency kit. It was sunny today but snow is just about a month and a half away!

  34. Kevin Says:

    It’s been rainy and in the low 50s! I really miss last year’s still-summer-in-late-September weather!! This is the first time I’ve had to turn on my heater in Sept. since I can remember.

  35. Bob Confer Says:

    Very comfortable and clear 46 degrees here in Wisconsin as I listen to Art Bell Dark Matter on SiriusXM radio.

  36. Robin Wilson Says:

    It is quite pleasant here in NC. I love this time of year when you can open your windows at night, but it is warm during the day. The mid 70s here for the rest of the week.

  37. Paul W. Eichenberger Says:

    The weather in Louisville currently is pleasant, a mild rollercoaster of cool and warm. Fall is just around the corner!

  38. Kenna Reed Says:

    Humboldt County California–Always perfect weather–sun, clouds, rain, and a breeze, all in the same day. Love it!

  39. Dave Westerhold Says:

    Sunny and warm Thursday, no chemtrails for a change.

  40. William Bown Says:

    Pleasant and partly cloudy.

  41. Al Oomens Says:

    Sunny and clear right now. We have had more serious thunderstorms in the last few years, sometimes almost out of nowhere, than I can ever remember however.

  42. Anna G. Says:

    Foggy, don’t need to use my radio today

  43. Adam Says:

    Perfect fall weather! No need for weather alerts.

  44. Paul Says:

    Expecting steady rain during the afternoon here in Seattle.

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