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Interview of Kira Reginato- President of Living Ideas For Elders

Q: You work in Eldercare Management but you also have a radio show, Call Kira About Aging! What got you interested in radio and why a radio show exploring eldercare issues?

A: I never dreamt of doing a radio show; I came to the industry with no broadcast training, yet I do a live show every week since December, 2008. Let’s go back to 1996. I was working as an eldercare manager for a wonderful nonprofit. I hung up the phone, after speaking to a woman in southern California about her elderly mom’s needs, she tearfully thanked me profusely and said “You’ve helped her so much, I feel so relieved!” I shrugged thinking – Heck, 100 people could have heard what I said, its not esoteric info.
Suddenly an idea popped into my head: why not do a radio-show with valuable info to reach many people at once?   I wrote myself a note on a scrap piece of paper that said “do radio show.” I had every intention of asking our Board of Trustees to help launch my idea… but never did.

Q: What was it that made you decide to do the radio show after all?

A: 12 years later, I was cleaning out files, no longer with that company, and found that scrap of paper!  I thought, a radio show is still a good idea but no one has come to my door to ask me, so I guess it’s up to me to look into this.

I boldly called two stations and offered to do a show with them. My motto is – you don’t know until you ask, and the worst they can say is no.

Q: Did you have a hard time starting your radio show or experience any hick-ups?

A: The first station program manager said “Are you a radio personality now?”  I said, “umm, no.”  He then asked,  “Did you train in broadcasting?”  “No.” “Any experience in radio?”  “No”  He said, “Lady, asking to do a show with no experience is like saying ‘I like baseball, mind if I suit up and play with the Giants?'” He admitted the show was a good idea and that he might regret not trying the show some day, but passed.  

The next station manager I approached at KSRO in Santa Rosa, California said I had perfect timing since they were thinking of their line up for the New Year and wanted something on eldercare.  I started immediately in December, 2008 with advertorial radio, meaning you pay for the air time.  I had good relationships with many people in the eldercare industry, so I asked some to advertise on the show and underwrite the cost.  They enthusiastically said “Yes.”  That was almost four years ago and I have learned a lot of radio lingo and procedures with on the job training.


Q: What keeps your radio show going?

A:  For the first two years I received no revenue for the show and each show takes a few hours of time to produce. Things have changed and now I have more sponsors for the show and receive a talent fee.  I help write and voice commercials and I promote the companies that sponsor Call Kira About Aging!  since I hand-pick each of them.


It’s a lot of work in addition to my private care management business but I am passionate about reaching as many listeners as I can before I die!  There are so many families struggling to care for an older loved one, I want to change questions into answers! I love our sponsors and am also very grateful to my home at KSRO.

Q: Where can we find Call Kira About Aging!?

A: Listen in at 1350 AM KSRO on Saturdays at 2 PM or online at KSRO.com or via podcast on iTunes or at Call Kira.com!

You can also visit Kira online at http://www.livingideasforelders.com/index.php