There’s a special place in my heart for Maui, I just traveled there in May. Many of us here love Hawaii and frequent it as often as possible. Spending time in Hawaii changed my belief about time, hurry, and busyness. It gave me more respect for the ocean, waste, and all living creatures. It’s the first vacation I remember that actually felt like a vacation and the warmness of the people we met was so special. Our hearts are broken for everyone. Being in California, we’re all too familiar with the devastation of wildfire.

Radio plays such an important role during emergencies like these and having a battery-operated or alternative power radio can be life-changing and reassuring to get information. Cell infrastructure is either down or overloaded and power is out with no ETA of restoration in sight. Local radio often provides information on resources, shelter, dangerous areas to avoid, updates, businesses that are open, and more.

Maui’s Instagram page posted this:

Starting Friday, Aug. 11, 2023, radio stations on Maui will air County of Maui updates on the Lahaina wildfire incident at 9 a.m., noon and 3 p.m.

Radio updates will supplement information posted on the county’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Maui radio stations include the following:

  • Pacific Media Group on KPOA FM 92.9 (west side) / FM 93.5; KJKS FM 99.3 (west side) / FM 99.9 FM; KJMD FM 107.1 (west side) / FM 98.3; KHLI FM 101.7 (west side) / FM 92.5; KMVI AM 900 / FM 102.5; and KNUI AM 550 / FM 106.1
  • KAOI Radio Group on 1110 AM / 96.7 FM
  • KPMW FM 105.5 FM
  • Akaku’s KAKU 88.5 FM

Our hearts are with Hawaii right now as they navigate this terrible event. This site is a great resource for updates on the fire and other related information:

And this is the County of Maui’s official website: