Bob and Sue Crane

From Bob

After the past year in various stages of lockdown, we’re excited to see some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel and get out and explore some more. It kind of feels like the dawn of travel again, which is what inspired this year’s cover. The 1869 Mark Twain quote has been a favorite of mine since reading The Innocents Abroad.

I’ve been fortunate to have traveled much of the world and radio has been with me every step of the way. Even recently, I found some new listening on Airband with our SSB radio while using the FlightRadar24 app on a smartphone. You can listen to pilots while learning the departure city, type of plane and destination.

You probably have not noticed but Jessica Crotty has been running and growing C. Crane for a few years. She has been with C. Crane for over 25 years and will be taking over as CEO. Jessica is highly qualified and superb with customer and company relationships. She understands how important radio is to listeners.

I will remain as a minority owner of C. Crane and continue inventing and developing new products crafted with excellence by our great crew to bring you joy. I personally thank you for your great support over many years and will endeavor to continue for many years to come; it’s not what I’ve done but what I do today to help others. It’s wonderful to step back a little and only do what I really love and spend more time with my family and friends.

Here is a picture of Jessica and me while visiting WCCO Radio in Minneapolis in 2016

Additional News

We never like to raise prices. There have been increases in raw materials, transportation, and scarcity of components which are all contributing factors in this decision. We’ve done our best to keep the price increases to a minimum and keep the same quality and service you deserve.

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