WiFi has integrated into our lives to an unforeseen level as a tool for knowledge and entertainment but it doesn’t travel very far. All of our CC Vector systems must have a “line-of-site” view to the host router to work.

CC Vector Extended Long Range WiFi Receiver System

If you have a remote garage, greenhouse or guesthouse you may be faced with the cost of a new Internet service. The CC Vector Extended Long Range WiFi System can connect to your home host router up to ½ mile away and save you the cost and trouble of setting up a new router or digging a trench. Typically you would mount the parabolic antenna on an outbuilding wall pointed towards your home router. It is powerful enough to pick up your home signal from several hundred feet away or much more if your router is near a window facing the outbuilding. The narrow beam of the parabolic antenna ignores other interfering WiFi systems that might be in the area. Best of all our CC Vector models work with all WiFi devices!

With the CC Vector RV Long Range WiFi Receiver System it’s nice to have a powerful antenna when you park several hundred feet away from the office. And remember that all CC Vector systems work with all devices. 

The CC Vector Home Long Range WiFi Receiver System is good for a hop to the shop for Internet radio and a smartphone. This model works well if you have an existing weak and unreliable signal from your host router. 

All of the CC Vector models provide “basic Internet service for:

  • Surfing the web
  • Making Skype calls
  • Watching SD quality video

Helpful Notes:

  • C. Crane recognizes that setting up any computer product can be a challenge. Our software was designed by us, is relatively easy to use and we have a talented U.S. crew to help you if you run into a problem.
  • A universal mount DS 2000, by Winegard, is a great alternative to the traditional mast. The angle can be adjusted to work on a wall, gable or roof. A gable mount is a good place because you may have access to the attic and getting power is easier too. You can put the CC Vector in the attic for better coverage to the living space below. If you need height to make a “line-of-site” connection, another good place is the ridge of a building.
Winegard DS 2000 mounted on a roof. Mount not included.

Winegard DS 2000 mounted on an outside wall. Mount not included.

  • All of the CC Vectors have Ethernet ports for direct connection to a computer. This results in a faster and reliable connection.
  • The CC Vector systems will stream SD quality video and audio well, but if you need the highest internet speed for your application (like fast stock trades) then consider a new Internet service. The CC Vectors have to handle twice as much data so they are slower than a one-hop connection.
  • If you live next to a McDonalds Starbucks or library and you buy coffee there every morning, then consider a CC Vector for mooching basic WiFi service. Many have a new daily password so you really will need to buy that cup the coffee.

Can I use the CC Vector for security cameras?

The CC Vector Extended Long Range WiFi Receiver System can provide Internet to a distant remote building for a camera monitoring system. A simple system may have 1 or 2 cameras. When the CC Vector is installed it creates a separate network so it cannot be accessed over the LAN from your primary router. The cameras used must allow online access and web viewing to be able to view it from your home or another location. Most new cameras have this feature. You can view the video feed via an app or web program that came with the camera using your smart phone, tablet or computer over the Internet.

Security Camera Notes: 

  • The CC Vector system can be used with several more cameras but you may need to reduce video quality and/or frame rate for best results.
  • If you already have an additional camera surveillance system, you may need to open two windows on your computer to view both at once since the networks are separate. You can combine both systems but it becomes complex with an additional bridge and switch needed. This is beyond the focus of C. Crane’s specialty.