We’ve been listening to Clark Howard on the radio for years, but now he also has a Podcast. He’s great for helping you save money, find good deals and avoid rip offs. He knows a tremendous amount about travel and has a ton of tips about that on his shows and his website. He also answers questions from listeners live on air.

Some of the recent topics on the Clark Howard show:

10.1.19 Schwab eliminates trading fees; Using your credit card overseas; Getting married in a diamond store

9.30.19 Another reason not to use debit cards; Payroll company scam; Hotel deals are coming

9.27.19 Grocery story happy hours lower costs and prevent food waste; Clark Stinks

9.26.19 Apple & Google get into gaming; New tax form for seniors; Negative interest rates

9.25.19 Open enrollment; Massive airline fees; Hot deals today

9.24.19 How to stop SIM swapping; Digging up dirt on Amazon; Your TV is spying on you

You can find all of his episodes here https://clark.com/podcasts/ and they’re even available to download.

He also has a great resource for his shows that provide links to much of what he discusses in his shows https://clark.com/clark-show-notes/

You can learn more about Clark’s background, credentials and why he does what he does here https://clark.com/about-clark/clark-howards-bio/​​​​​​​.

If podcasts aren’t for you, you may be able to find an on-air radio show near you https://clark.com/find-a-station-near-you/.

We’d love to know – Have you used radio or podcasts to learn about money?  Which one has helped you the most?