AT C. Crane, we LOVE to learn new things and to listen to shows that challenge our thinking and provide intelligent discussion. Big Picture Science does exactly that . . . as uncovered by our friend Thomas Witherspoon at

Some of the recent topics at Big Picture Science:

Skeptic Check: Brain GainSeparating pseudo from science in cognitive enhancement.

Looking to boost your brainpower? Listen in.

 True GritWe’re running out of sand.

Without sand, engineering would be stuck in the Middle Ages.  Wooden houses would line mud-packed streets, and Silicon Valley would be, well, just a valley.  Sand is the building material of modern cities, and we use more of this resource than any other except water and air.  Now we’re running out of it. 

 Granting Immunity Microbes, fungi, and T-cells.

“Diversity or die” could be your new health mantra. Don’t boost your immune system, cultivate it! Like a garden, your body’s defenses benefit from species diversity.  Find out why multiple strains of microbes, engaged in a delicate ballet with your T-cells, join internal fungi in combatting disease.

Sci-Fi From the Future Our future portrayed in film.

Are you ready to defer all your personal decision-making to machines?  Polls show that most Americans are uneasy about the unchecked growth of artificial intelligence. The possible misuse of genetic engineering also makes us anxious.

Here is some background on the Big Picture Science podcasts:

They also broadcast on the radio in various locations and times around the country and Canada and New Zealand

Here are all the episodes:

Their blog has additional links and information if you want a little more background before deciding to listen to a particular episode.

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