Holiday Gifts

Every year we talk to hundreds of customers looking for the right gift, often they’re curious about our own personal preference or what we might recommend. Below are some recommendations that we’ve gathered to help you in your journey to picking out not only a great gift but something that will actually be used!

Check out this year’s holiday gift guide for more ideas and as always – you can contact us directly to answer any questions or help you with your selection.

Bob, C. Crane founder: Not long ago I visited my aunt who is now in an assisted living home. She understands everything but talking is a difficult process. She let me know that she could not find a radio that worked well where she lived. I am happy to report the CC Radio EP gave her the reception she wanted . . . WCCO . . . loud and clear. 

Thomas, C. Crane friend and Shortwave aficionado from SWLing: The Skywave SSB is a pricey portable, but it has certainly become my choice travel radio as it covers so many radio bands (AM/MW, FM, SW, AIR and WX). It’s also incredibly portable and can hang with the best in terms of sensitivity and selectivity. If you’re interested in what you might hear, check out Thomas’ recent post showing several shortwave signals he received on his travels.

Kim, C. Crane employee: I bought my husband the CC Skywave and he loves taking it all around the yard to listen to all the ball games. He loves that the batteries last a long time. He even asked for one to take to the race car shop.

John, C. Crane employee: I enjoyed my CC Pocket for many years but I wanted stronger AM reception in a similarly small package. I replaced it with the CC Skywave, which does have better AM reception. I only had it a few months before my youngest Son took it over. I purchased another CC Skywave to replace it. My wife asked me if this was the radio our Son commandeered from me. I said yes, so she tried it. Then she said thank you and kept it for herself. This left me having to obtain a third CC Skywave. I am not giving this one away! 

Jessica, C. Crane employee: Every year at least a few C. Crane products make an appearance at Christmas. The Pocket Vivid Flashlight goes in every stocking and often the Unity Flashlight will go with a bottle of wine for friends or extended family. The CC Buds Pro and CC Buds Pro Mic now go in my boys stockings (all of them, brothers, husband and sons). They have developed a preference for them over other much more expensive brands, which is absolutely wonderful for my wallet especially when I find them in the wash! 

Carolyn, C. Crane employee: My sister watches TV and movies on her tablet at night, but often has to stop because her husband wants to go to sleep.  I gave her the C. Crane Amplified Pillow Speaker  for her birthday and she is thrilled with it!  She also found it is useful as a guest while visiting her grandchildren – no waking baby in the next room.  Over the summer she also discovered her audio no longer disturbs others in the campground when sounds seem to carry after dark.